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Teddy Bugingo, Pastor Bugingo’s wife speaks out on the ongoing woes in their marriage

Pastor Bugingo’s wife, Teddy Bugingo unveiled the reasons behind their marriage break up. She said that she had for long kept it away from public hoping things will get better as she prays.

But the situation in her marriage kept escalating. Mrs Bugingo says she’s ready to restore her marriage because she still loves her husband.

In a media briefing yesterday Wednesday 1 of May 2019, about the ongoing rows in their marriage, Teddy Bugingo said that way back in 2016, Pastor Bugingo began staying away from home for days, something that had never happened before.

Mrs Bugingo says he could be away for 3-4 days and when he returns, he tells her not to ask him where he’s from. He could change his clothes and disappear again, the gap between them kept widening slowly by slowly.

“Then one day he called the children together and told them, ‘I’m no longer the husband of your mother,’ which left me and the children all in tears. We really cried about it, but he did not seem to care, and continued to grow a loof from us as a family. He started to no longer call me wife or any endearing name, now calling me by my name Teddy.”

Mrs Bugingo continued to state that: “I am a Muganda lady who was trained not to go discussing family issues in public, so, I chose not to tell our family woes to people except my close friends and relatives,”

“I instead went on my knees and began to pray for my marriage and family, realising it was Satan who had attacked us. It’s Pr Bugingo who last year began to discuss the issues through Salt Media channels and even then I refused to talk to the media a long time,” Teddy narrated.

She says though she continued working with House of Prayer Ministries International, there was no Husband and wife relationship, it was work and ministry alone.

“He has been asking me for divorce for more than two years now. But I can’t sign divorce papers because I am a follower of Christ who follows the Bible, and it doesn’t allow divorce. We swore before God to be together for good and for worse, and I respect that,” Mrs Bugingo stated.

Mrs Bugingo however, continued to state that she’s ready for reconciliation and have her husband back.

“I still love and respect him as my husband, and I’m ready to get back with him. I know him more than almost anyone else, and I know his weaknesses and I am ready to forgive some of them such as claiming I wanted to poison him. That’s not a claim to take serious, he says it about everyone he separates with. After he fell out with Pastor Martin Ssebuguzi (Dr Sserwadda’s son) he said Pr Martin was trying to poison him.”

Mrs Bugingo however, appealed to church leaders and fathers in Uganda to intervene in the matter. She says they should help her correct her marriage, by talking to Pastor Bugingo and help him regain his senses.

And once again follow the Bible doctrines which prohibits divorce and promotes family.

My wife and daughter had plans to end my life but I survived all that due to the Mercy of God.

Nevertheless, at House of Prayer Ministries lunch hour service yesterday, pastor Aloysious Bugingo as regards to the present day woes between him, wife Teddy and daughter Doreen Bugingo, said that he is a living testimony of those who have survived being killed by the so called loved one’s before the followers.

“We have seen many rich and popular personalities being killed by family members. You remember the incident where tycoon Kasiwukira was knocked down and later it emerged that his death was planned and seen through by his wife. My wife and daughter also had similar plans to end my life. But I have survived all that due to the mercy of God,” Pastor Bugingo stated amidst cheers from the church congregation.

Pastor Bugingo further said that earthly things cannot lure him into sacrificing his life.

He however, vowed to fight for the church land because it’s meant to preach the gospel. Bugingo adds that in the near future Canaan church, House of Prayer Ministries International will be established at its homeland Makerere-Kikoni close to Bwaise in Kawempe division.