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The NSSF Smart card can be obtained immediately by visiting any NSSF or Centenary bank branch location nationwide or by completing the “call me back” form on the NSSF website.

The first of its type in East Africa, the National Social Security Fund of Uganda has introduced a three-in-one social security smart card that integrates NSSF functionality, bank functionality, and a loyalty programme in collaboration with Visa and Centenary Bank.

A membership card connected to the payment system of Centenary Bank, the NSSF Smart card offers mobile transfers, agent banking, ATM, POS, Interbank transfers, and Internet banking. 

The chip and pin-enabled card is given to both new and current members upon request. 

Additionally, it is connected to the member’s Centenary Bank account to support prompt benefit payments when the person leaves the Fund.

How NSSF Smart Card works

The NSSF Debit Card, which is linked to an NSSF Smart Life Account and used at any branch, agent point, CenteMobile, and ATM, works almost exactly like a bank account. 

Your contributions are regarded as deposits and can be made in cash at a Centenary Branch or agent location, via ATM, wire transfer, mobile banking, check, or with any other accepted deposit method. 

The smart card is issued free of charge, but there are competitive fees when a member transacts, which makes this card special.

Benefits of the Smart Card

You can utilise your NSSF savings to cover withdrawals upon eligibility for any benefit, voluntary savings plan contributions, member identification at an NSSF branch, and so much more.

Paying bills, transacting online, at a physical point of sale, or withdrawing cash from an ATM are all examples of ways to deposit and withdraw money from external sources and your NSSF Smart Life bank account.

With the NSSF Smart Card, you may receive incredible savings at partner merchant outlets on a variety of services and goods. Our merchant list is growing to include more goods and services.

Enjoy Faster Payments

The NSSF Smart Card is an improved version of the earlier membership cards that the Fund had previously provided. 

The Fund is switching to the new card from regular laminated cards in order to transition to a functioning Chip and PIN plastic card that enables a variety of transactions, gives members access to personalised loyalty programmes, and promotes the quicker payment of NSSF rewards to eligible members. 

The technology necessary for enabling further product developments is also on this card.

It’s important to note that the card consists of two separate products: the Prepaid Smart Card and the Debit Smart Card.

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How Do I Sign Up for a Smart Card?

Members can apply for the NSSF Smart card right away by visiting any NSSF or Centenary bank branch location nationwide or completing the ”call me back” form on the NSSF website.

You will require the NSSF number assigned to you, your national ID, one passport photo, and the initial amount for their card, which must be at least UGX 20,000 for a debit card and UGX 50,000 for a prepaid card.

Prepaid Smart Card versus Debit Smart Card

The NSSF Debit Smart Card requires an initial deposit of UGX 20,000 while the NSSF Prepaid Smart Card needs an initial deposit of UGX 50,000.

You will need to have at least UGX 10,000 on your NSSF Debit Smart Card at all times.

Using the Debit Smart Card, you can withdraw money by filling out a withdrawal form at any Centenary Bank branch. Both the Debit Smart Card and Prepaid Smart Card have no monthly ledger fees or annual visa charges.