United States Ambassador Deborah Malac, Health minister Ruth Aceng and United States Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex M. Azar address a press conference at the Ministry of Health offices in Kampala, yesterday. PHOTO/DAILY MONITOR/ DAVID LUBOWA

United States government has commended Uganda for its outstanding efforts in the fight against Ebola epidemic in the country.

US Secretary for Health and Human Services, Alex Azar who conveyed the Trump’s Administration message said Uganda has done great work in fight against Ebola.

Azar who is on his visit to Uganda to monitor the situation of Ebola made the remarks during a visit to president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni at State House Entebbe.

“The United States contributes $500m every year for health care hear in Uganda. That’s if not one of the largest health care commitments the United States makes with any other nation,” Azar said.

Azar was as well thankful to Uganda for their good performance in the fight against the infectious disease outbreak in the country.

“Uganda performs! It has one of the finest laboratories, it has one of the finest viral research institutes in the world. It serves as a reference laboratory not just for Uganda, but for the region,” Azar said.

Speaking, President Museveni lauded his government saying it has managed to control Ebola epidemics in Uganda, because of its well organised and experienced people.

“The few cases in Uganda that have been reported mainly emanating from Congo. However, we always stump them out quickly, because somehow we have the experience and some organisation,” Museveni stated.

He, however, disclosed that he has no intentions of reversing or changing the refugee policy in Uganda, the reason being it’s not of any threat to the health system or rather security of Uganda.

“There’s no way we can say don’t come, don’t come, don’t come. No way! That one has never been the policy of our movement. Because we are Pan Africanists, we know that the people of Africa are either similar or linked,” Museveni said.

Since the Ebola outbreak in DR Congo, Uganda introduced the screening process at all border points to prevent issues of Ebola outbreak in Uganda.

Relatedly, Uganda Sickle Cell Rescue Foundation (USCRF) in partnership with NBS TV and Salaam TV will be holding the annual Sickle Cell conference in Uganda on the 19 Sept 2019, that’s tomorrow on Thursday to cause awareness of the disease to Ugandans.

The conference is aimed at creating awareness about Sickle Cells in a bid to control the burden of Sickle Cell disease in the country.

At the conference, new Sickle Cell treatment modes will be unveiled by the stakeholders for persons living with the diseases to improve on their well-being. 

“The burden of Sickle Cell Disease has not been fully addressed. According to the Ministry of Health, 13.5 of the population in Uganda have Sickle Cell Trait. Out of every seven people at least one has Sickle Cell trait here in Uganda,” Lukia Mulumba, Founder USCRF said.

Sickle Cell problem in Uganda is on increase due to the lack of structures to aid patients and panellists to complete the psych-social burden of the disease.

In addition to the already strained health care resources at the Ministry of Health.

Statistics show that Uganda has the 5th Sickle Cell problem in Africa, with the greatest percentage of the population being unaware of the disease.