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Life is very beautiful and enjoying it with fervent enthusiasm is the most satisfying return you could ever give back to this most beautiful and precious gift. Entertainment has always been one of the most glamorous yet crucial part of livelihood. Many of human brilliances have emerged out as a result of this entertainment. Lately, entertainment industry is gaining massive boost to top the priority list in the lives of the people. From gadgets to home décor and from vehicles to travelling, every personal and professional part of the people is intertwined in the web of entertainment. The fast pace of modern life is very taxing to the populace. Hence the need of entertainment through media, parties, touring and quality time with near and dear ones is very essential.
Want to enjoy a bit with friends and family? Do so with exuberance. The civic life, nowadays have plethora of entertainment options for you. From restaurants to cineplexes and from shopping malls to nightclubs, everything is there within your reach. Let’s get fired up and paint the town red. The world will be at your feet with this attitude and you will have a very colorful night out.
People say the top tire cities of the world like New York, Paris, Las Vegas, London, Singapore City etc. are the most entertaining cities in the world. But we beg to differ; there is a new Shangri La in the scenario. The exhilarating cities of Uganda are giving these tall orders a serious competition. The vibrant Kampala, Capital of Uganda, is making the atmosphere very sweaty for the Big Apple, NYC. The pubs and Bars in Uganda are very alive. The people sleep with their boots on in this ever awakened city of vibes. This African country has a very lively social ambience. The avenues and arcades are forever opened and the destinations are very attractive and lucrative. This country does not fall short in any corner to the pub culture of European & American lifestyle. Well, to be frank, in entertainment domain this county even surpasses the pub standards of the western hemisphere. The electrifying atmosphere of the bars in Uganda is very alluring for all the people visiting the exotic African country. The pubs and night clubs in Uganda are well furnished with game parlors and dance floors. The live and beating music, the dazzling lights, the well-stocked wine parlor, the beverage salon and the euphoric atmosphere of these bars make them the most sought after clubbing destinations for all.
Some of the most popular and internationally acclaimed pubs in the whole of Uganda are list below.
Guvnor is the top club in Uganda. From its decoration to its decorum, everything is enthusiastic and exquisite. It is often considered as the Las Vegas of Uganda. There is no strict dress code for the club – just be the way you like best. The discotheque, slick & sleek interiors, the chrome mirror design and the cozy feel makes the crowding seem like a gathering and the enjoyment manifolds quite hysterically. So drink some booze and shake legs with the beats and be the guvnor of your world at the Guvnor Club.

Guvnor club in Uganda

Fabled Wine Garage:
There are many bars in Uganda but for the best wine drinking do visit the fabled Wine Garage. As the name suggests, this club has a way to cater every winery need of the people. Be it white dry or red sweet, a Malbec or something in the lines of pinot noir you name it and Wine Garage will serve it. The club has a wide selection of exclusive assorted wines imported from various countries. The indoor and outdoor seating arrangement makes you pick your own type of drinking ambience. If you are lone drinker or a social drinker, it doesn’t matter because Kampala Wine Garage is fit for both.

Fabled Wine Garage

Irish Bubbles O’Leary’s bare:
If you want to feel the intoxication of the fair old country then there is nothing more suitable than the Irish Bubbles O’Leary’s bare. The Irish origin of the owner gives this place the real taste and attitude of Ireland. This Ugandan bar even got its name etched in the list of bars with most authentic Irish culture in an article published on the 2015 edition of The Irish Times. This may look like an Ireland pub and even offer you an Irish Cream upon your order, but it is true story that very few clubs in Uganda has the true essence of Ugandan vibrancy. As an extra, you get to hear the tribute house band in live.

Irish Bubbles O’Leary’s bare

Fusion Auto Spa:
How will you feel if you get to have a drink while you wait on your car wash schedule? Great isn’t it! Fusion Auto Spa is the best brick and mortar car wash corner by the sunset boulevard. You will have a great time lounging here and drinking some of the most tasteful malted beers with your friends. And not to forget the giant screen TV shows and the parking lot, which is the extra perk you get along with the beer.

Fusion Auto Spa

Soulful Music Mixes:
For a serene and musical clubbing, visit the Red I just round the corner. The soulful music mixes of the golden era and a pint of butter bear will hit your evening off for a rocking party in the late night.

soulful music mixes

Cub Silk:
Cub Silk in the industrial territory of Uganda is one of the most hip and happening clubbing joints in the country. The space is a three lounge mall with state-of-the-art interiors and exclusive DJs, perfect for every sort of wild parties. Take tequila shots, savor some high end wines, sip in old rums and chug down a whole mug of lager beer over the counters of Club Silk Salons.

Cub Silk

Poolside party is the exclusivity of Cayenne. In Uganda a place with a swimming pool, open dance floor and a well-stocked drinks parlor, you must be thinking about Cayenne. The best part is that the food is very delectable and has a garnish of Indo-African flavors in it. So enjoy a drink with some sides and get in the groove smoothly.