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In Fort Portal, Uganda’s top Tourism City, you can enjoy a wide variety of tourist activities. The nearby Kibale and Queen Elizabeth National Parks allow you to explore the entire town on foot.

There are numerous tourist activities you can enjoy in Fort Portal City. Just outside your door, you will find the Kibale and Queen Elizabeth National Parks, providing you with easy access to everything the city has to offer.

The Rwenzori mountains also offer breathtaking hiking opportunities. If you don’t mind driving a short distance, you can go on the once-in-a-lifetime safari you’ve always wanted to go on.

Here is a list of all the tourist activities you can enjoy in Fort Portal city, Uganda.

Wildlife Viewing in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Early in the morning when the sun’s rising, is the best time to visit. It’s one of the tourist activities in Fort Portal that will forever stay in your mind.

Picture an early morning drive where you spot lions feasting on their first kill of the day. Or maybe you see a swarm of birds traveling across the park in large numbers. 

To achieve this, we recommend that you book a nearby hotel, preferably one that prepares breakfast so you can get up in time for an activity such as this one. For this activity, you have two options for viewing wildlife. One is by taking a boat ride or going by road on a night or morning game drive.

Visit the Fort Portal town

history of fort portal city

Unlike most towns in Uganda, Fort Portal town is mostly green. It’s a nice place to drive around and simply enjoy how beautiful the place is. You may even catch a glimpse of different bird species flying around. 

For first-timers or visitors, the best experience would be one with a tour guide by your side. They’ll be able to show you all the important places in Fort Portal and give you all the information you need. 

This activity would be a great way to get introduced to Fort Portal City. Who knows, you may even consider staying longer.

Visit the Creator Lakes

Visit the Creator Lakes in fort portal

Fort Portal is surrounded by more than 50 crater lakes, some of which are difficult to access. However, you could pick out one or two or whichever number works for you. 

After you’ve made the tour decision you could drive to the Kasenda Crater Lakes, where you can see at least five crater lakes, volcanoes, and waterfalls.

You can swim in Lake Nkuruba there, and if you trek up a little hill to the top where you’ll get the best view of Fort Portal’s crater lakes and the Rwenzori mountains.

Spend the day out in the forest

Forest walks will allow you to see elephants and birds. It might be difficult to see the elephants of Kihungami swamp, but it’s worth the try. 

It’s also important to keep in mind that forest elephants are not accustomed to seeing humans and will attack if you cross their path. Still, this shouldn’t stop you from wishing to see them.

 On the other hand, you may witness several different monkey species on your nature walk around the marshes. The forest also has over 300 different bird species, especially in the wetlands.

Hiking in the Rwenzori Mountains

Uganda for mountaineering and hiking (1)
Due to their spectacular beauty and block formation, the Rwenzori Mountains are rated the ninth best mountain climbing and hiking destination in the world. PHOTO/ Kilimanjaro Budget Safaris

Fort Portal provides the best views of the mountain Rwenzori. You may want to check them out up close rather than watch from afar. 

This will also be the ideal chance to get to know the local communities and find out how they make a living. There’s so much you’ll see as you start hiking the mountain Rwenzori

Many locals and little kids are happy to see visitors in their location. You can stop and camp and even spend up to a week in the mountains. Take caution though because this is only for those that like to push the boundaries. It’s fun but not that easy. 

Interact with Primates in Kibale National Park

The legendary Kibale Forest National Park had its origins close to the city. You can visit and witness for yourself that the primates are indeed there. If you do get a chance to see them, they are usually playing or running through the lush woodland. 

On a lazy afternoon, they may just be sitting around which offers a perfect opportunity to see them closely. You will also learn how chimpanzees raise their families and how much the infants drive their mothers crazy, much like humans. 

This is one of the tourist activities that has tourists flocking to Fort Portal, especially in Kibale National Park

Explore the Tooro Kingdom Palace

Tooro Kingdom Palace

While exploring the tourism potential of Fort Portal, one of the most alluring locations to visit is the Toro Kingdom Palace. 

The palace dominates Harukoto hill in the center of Fort Portal city, providing a clear and picturesque perspective of the entire royal complex and its distinctive architectural features. 

The Toro Kingdom Palace complements the other tourist attractions in Fort Portal Tourism City by acting as a cultural landmark for the populace. Visit the kingdom palace to learn about the Batooro culture and take part in a variety of activities.

Visit the Karambi Royal Tombs

Visit the Karambi Royal Tombs

At the Karambi Royal Tombs, three Tooro Kingdom kings were buried, each with his throne. Omukama Kyebambe, Omukama Rukidi III, and Omukama Kaboyo II are among the kings. 

Other members of the royal family are also buried at Karambi. The location ranks as one of Tooro Kingdom’s most prized locations.

Learn about Plants in the Tooro Botanical Gardens

Tooro Botanical Gardens

The Tooro Botanical Gardens are located in Fort Portal. They are gardens blessed with a variety of indigenous flora, and trees, a plant conservation center, scientific research, and an education area. 

There’s also an organic farming project growing herbs, vegetables, flowers, natural dyes, and medicinal plants, all in the center of Fort Portal City.

Tourists can enjoy guided nature tours in butterfly farms, tree nurseries, and gardens with plenty of flowers, medicinal plants, and fruits.


For tourists traveling to Fort Portal, these are some of the activities you can engage in. They don’t require much, mostly observation. 

Those intending to go hiking on Mountain Rwenzori however must be fit because the journey can be quite demanding. However, at the end of the day when you make it to the top, it will be worth it.

For now, expect to participate in one or two of the tourist activities we’ve shared. You may discover other activities as you go along so come prepared to have a good time only as you enjoy Africa’s most hospitable destination.