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Kapchorwa’s Top Five Attractions

There are plenty of amazing tourist attractions in Kapchorwa, which is located near the Kenyan border in Eastern Uganda.

The town of Kapchorwa, located near the Kenyan border in Eastern Uganda, is home to a number of amazing tourist attractions that are well worth the trip for visitors. 

With a population of more than 194000 and a town area with over 9000 residents, it is mostly dominated by the Kalenjin people, which includes the subgroups of Sabiny, Nandi, and Pokot.

Undoubtedly, Kapchorwa is one of Uganda’s tourism hotspots, providing visitors with the most incredible moments, experiences, and chances to enjoy its extraordinary natural beauty. 

While on a safari in Uganda, you should explore its landscapes because they are so astonishingly beautiful. You won’t be disappointed.

The following is a list of the top tourist attractions in Kapchorwa that you should not miss.

Sipi Falls

the Sipi Falls (1)
Sipi Falls are a must-see when visiting Uganda. FILE PHOTO

The Sipi waterfalls are around 15 kilometers away from the Kapchorwa area along the Mbale-Kapchorwa highway. They rank among the top tourist destinations that the majority of travelers taking Uganda safaris go to experience. 

Sipi Falls is made up of three big waterfalls, and the main activities there include community hikes and cave exploration.

Mount Elgon National Park

Mount Elgon

At the border between Kenya and Uganda, this is where you’ll find Mount Elgon National Park. It lies on the border of Kapchorwa and Mbale. 

The endangered lammergeier, baglafecht weaver, African goshawk, elephants, hyenas, buffaloes, forest monkeys (black and white colobus monkeys, blue monkeys), antelope groups, and numerous bird species—300 in all—find safety at Mount Elgon National Park.

Travelers can reach it via Kapkwata and the forest exploration center at Bumasola in the Kapchorwa area, both of which have well-established climbing adventure tracks. 

Mount Elgon is also home to the largest caldera in the world, which has an eight-kilometer diameter and a radius of nearly 40 kilometers. The height of this caldera is similarly roughly 4321 meters.

Towei Hill

Towei Hill

Rainy days render Towei Hill in a rosy light thanks to the rich green foliage, streams, and dark rocks. The green turns white during the dry season, creating another breathtaking scene against the dark rocks. It’s the best place to go hiking in Kapchorwa.

Kapkwai Exploration Center

Kapkwai Exploration Center

One of the most stunning locations to visit in Kapchorwa is the Kapkwai exploration center. It is located on the slopes of Mount Elgon, tucked away in a natural forest, offering the coolest air.

The center works as an education center for schools as well as a trailhead for tourists using the Sipi trail to the caldera. While there, you can visit caves, waterfalls, and escapements as well as see some primates, and birds or simply enjoy the cool air in the atmosphere.

Sebei / Sabiny People

Sebei people

Kapchorwa is well known for the Sabiny people that live there. People of Kalenjin ancestry known as the Sebei or Sabiny (Sapiny) reside on the Ugandan side of Mount Elgon. They are thought to be about 230000 in number and speak the Kubsapiny dialect of Kalenjin. 

In their culture, teenage males and girls are circumcised by the Sabiny as a rite of passage, just like the rest of the Kalenjin.

The Sebei have historically been pastoralists, raising cattle, goats, and sheep, although there isn’t much space available for such a practice today due to the scarcity of suitable ground. 

The Sebei culture is so rich that you can only learn so much by visiting Kapchorwa on your safari.


tourist attractions in Kapchorwa

One of the main tourist destinations in Uganda that tourists should visit is Kapchorwa. It should be one of the must-see places on your itinerary if you’re thinking about spending your next vacation in the country. 

From beautiful mountains, national parks, and the roads that lead there to amazing scenery, you won’t regret spending your next safari in Kapchorwa. There is so much to explore and learn about.