Traffic Police commission EPS
Traffic Police commission EPS

An electronic Express Penalty System (EPS) to be used to catch deviant drivers by the Uganda Police Force.

Traffic Police Director, AIGP Stephen Kasiima at the launch of this new electronic device on Monday said that EPS will help improve their service delivery and lessen some of the challenges they faced while on duty.

“There were challenges in reconciling the records with Uganda Revenue Authority whereas some offenders didn’t want to pay the tickets given to them,” AIGP Kasiima explaining.

Kasiima continued to state that;

“You find taxi driver with tickets worth five million shillings not yet paid and this has always brought us problems from the Auditor General’s report.”

He also said that between 2007 and 2016 their unpaid tickets worth 48 billion shillings.

Kasiima says the EPS system will help traffic officers follow up guilty drivers who fail to pay in time because all tickets will be electronically recorded.

“With the electronic system, the driving permit details including the number will be captured and vehicle number plate captured in the system. If a ticket is issued, the details will be captured in the system and we can be able to track defaulters later using the electronic system,” Kasiima said.

The Kampala South Metropolitan Regional Traffic Officer, Stephen Sande said that they have trained 1400 traffic officers on how to use this new system and handed them specialised phones including an electronic printer for use while on duty.

“They will use phones instead of a receipt book and a portable printer. The phone will have five functionalities including issuing of the ticket, track defaulters and check for payment status among others.”

Explaining further Sande says the traffic officer will use a Bluetooth to print out a receipt to the criminal and pay in the bank later.

“We can use a ticket number to track the permit to see how many tickets are pending for a driver. We can also check payment status to know if a driver has paid or not paid the tickets issued to them,” Sande said.

He added that there will be an integration process between the new system EPS and Uganda Revenue Authority to ensure effectiveness.

Maj Gen. Muzeeyi Sabiiti, the Deputy Inspector General of Police, said that the EPS system will ensure effective collection of revenue as well as transparency.

“Punishments were put in place to deter motorists from making offences but this has not been achieved with the manual system. This new system will help achieve it. We shall be able to eliminate habitual offenders,” Sabiiti said.

He continued to state that; “We shall now be able to reduce road carnage with the new system that will make it mandatory for offenders to pay for tickets.”

Commissioner in charge of transport and safety regulations in the Ministry of Works, Winston Katushabe said it will be compulsory to pay for all tickets before renewing a person’s driving license.

“Police will deploy its officers at Face Technologies that any driver has pending tickets will not have his driving permit renewed until he had paid.”