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stanbic bank mobile money transfer

Using the step-by-step instructions in this article, you can transfer funds between mobile money accounts and your Stanbic bank account.

Transferring money from mobile money to a Stanbic account is possible. Nowadays, the majority of banks offer mobile banking services, allowing you to carry out several simple procedures that ordinarily call for standing in line at the bank. 

You could use mobile banking to transfer money from your phone to your account, check account balances, get account statements, and more.

With Stanbic Bank, customers now have the option to transfer money between their mobile money wallet and their Stanbic bank account through the Stanbic mobile banking service, and vice versa.

You can follow the comprehensive, step-by-step instructions in this article to transfer funds from a mobile money account to a Stanbic bank account.

MTN Mobile Money to Stanbic Bank: How to Transfer

Before we begin on how to transfer money from MTN Mobile Money to a Stanbic bank account please be informed that you must have signed up for Stanbic mobile banking services to be able to use this service. 

You will not be able to complete the transaction on your own if you have not signed up for the services. As a customer ,you will therefore need to withdraw money to deposit it into your account before going to the Stanbic agent or branch closest to you.

With that cleared up, these are the steps on how you can transfer money from the MTN MoMo account to your Stanbic bank account.

  1. Dial *165# to generate a menu
  2. Select option 6, which is Financial Services.
  3. Then select option 1, Bank Deposit.
  4. Pick out a number that corresponds with Stanbic bank.
  5. You’ll be able to see your bank account.
  6. You must select the account you want to deposit the money 
  7. You can deposit any amount once you’ve decided.
  8. Use your mobile money number to confirm the transaction.
  9. In a few minutes, you’ll receive a message confirming your transfer.
stanbic account transferring mobile money

Airtel Money to Stanbic Bank: How to Transfer

For customers registered on Airtel Money, it’s also possible to transfer your money to a Stanbic account. Here’s how;

  1. Dial *185# to generate a menu
  2. Select option 7, Financial Services
  3. Proceed and choose option 1, Banks.
  4.  Then select a number that corresponds with your Bank.
  5. Opt for Airtel Money to Bank.
  6. Choose the account to deposit the money on.
  7. Enter the Amount.
  8. Confirm the transfer with your mobile money pin.
  9. In a few minutes, you’ll receive a message confirming your transfer.

Transfer Charges to the Stanbic & Costs (Mobile Money)

Amount(UGX)Min                       MaxSending Money(UGX) To BankWithdrawing Fees(UGX) From ATMTax(UGX)Min         Max
500                         2,500N/A3                  13
2,501                      5,0001,5001,50013             25
5,001                    15,0001,5001,50025                75
15,001                  30,0001,5001,50075           150
30,001                45,00001,5001,400150           225
45,100                   60,0001,5001,400225         300
60,001                 125,0001,5002,150300           625
125,001               250,0002,5004,000625         1,250
250,001               500,0004,1002,1501,250       2,500
500,001            1,000,0006,1504,0002,500       5,000
1,000,000         2,000,0009,2506,6505,000      10,000
2,000,000         4,000,00011,30011,95010,000     20,000
4,000,000         5,000,00011,30020,000     35,000


Telecom companies such as MTN and Airtel have partnered with banks like Stanbic Bank in Uganda. Today you have the option of transferring money from your mobile money account within seconds. 

For people new to this, the article above will guide you step by step on what to do including how much MTN charges for money transfers to Stanbic Bank.