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Uganda Police discovers two bombs in Kampala

During Eid Celebrations, Uganda Police force discovered two suspected bombs in the middle of the capital Kampala near Fido dido building plot 66 in Kampala wrapped in separate polythene bags.

While addressing journalists after the bomb incident, Afande Luke Oweyisigyire, the Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson told the media that the Uganda police force bomb squad responded very fast and took the two suspected bombs away for proper disposal.

Uganda Police discovers two bombs in Kampala

Oweyisigyire noted that the same building last month was found with three suspected stick bombs. He further added that the building will be closed for a given period of time and will be under surveillance for 24 hours.

The Uganda police force called upon the public to remain calm and also to be on the lookout for any suspicious items and the Kampala people should not worry about their safety because everything is under control.

Flash Uganda media will keep you posted.

By Paul Wetaase`