Uganda Telecom: Administrator insists the company is on truck
Uganda Telecom: Administrator insists the company is on truck

General Bemaya Twebaze, Uganda Telecom administrator has fired back at Evelyn Anite, State Minister for Investment contesting her earlier reports while on the floor of parliament that UTL is struggling. Twebaze says UTL is on its way to recovery.

In a plenary session this week Anite the State Minister for Investment shocked parliament when she confessed that government has lost control in the operations of the Uganda Telecom Company.

As the only shareholder of the company, I want to say that the government has lost control.

Anite insists that government hosted an administrator in the operations of UTL, but he had failed the telecom and she clearly stated that Twebaze, the Telecom administrator obstructed the Finance Ministry from conducting an audit into the company.

However, Twebaze refuted the claims saying they are false accusations.

We are accountable! as an administrator, I must produce reports every six months and these reports are given to the court.

Bimanya relatedly said that he was shocked to learn that the minister informed parliament that Uganda Telecom is operated by ghosts.

The statement made by the minister is a positive trend and I am wondering how such a positive trend can be created by ghosts. But of course, you can entre UTL any time and actually establish whether there are ghosts.

Twebaze said

Explaining further Twebaze said ever since he took over the office in April 2017 as the administrator, Uganda Telecom (UTL) had liabilities amounting to 900bn shillings against an asset value of 148bn.

It’s amazing out of 940bn we found that 410bn was fake claims.

Nevertheless, reports indicate that if at all the regulatory standards are not met there will be pending license withdraw from the Telecom. if regulatory standards are not met.

A letter dated 29th April from Uganda Communications Commission in relation to UTLs compliance with regulatory obligations indicated that if UTL fails to pay the two per cent (2%) annual revenue, fails to meet its financial obligations amounting to 49bn shillings, audited financial statements they will lose their operating license.

The reasons why we are not able to meet some of those are KPIs or Key Performance Indicators because we are running a very old network that breaks down every time and it’s quite hard to repair because most of the equipment is no longer been manufactured by the equipment manufactures. That we explained to UCC and it can only be resolved by a capitalisation of the company and this is what we are trying to achieve.

Bimanya said