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UPC asks Government to allocate funds to education
National Chairperson Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) party Lawrence Okae has asked government to invest in Education

National Chairperson Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) party has asked government to allocate additional funds to the education sector to improve student’s performances.

In a media briefing on Wednesday at the party’s headquarters in Kampala, UPC National Party chairperson, Lawrence Okae said;

inadequate teaching materials, lack of teachers, skipping class by both teachers and students will be eliminated if at all government adds more money to the education sector.

This needs heavy funding and stringent majors to boost the sector and we shall see all the challenges minimised.

Okae observed

Okae continued to state that UPC wants Uganda’s educational standards improved right from nursery to higher learning colleges to improve the country’s well being.

We encourage the government to invest heavily in education to purposely fix the disparities and the poor service delivery in the education sector.

Okae stated.

Our investment in education at all levels should keep pace with the science and technological revolution and this requires heavy funding to curb the limping distorted education services.

Sh3.4 trillion was allocated to the education sector in the 2019/20 budget indicating an increase as compared to the 2018/19 budget.

The government should also put a lot of emphasis on increasing supervision and inspection in public schools so as to curb absenteeism and improving learning outcome.

Okae said

Relatedly, Okae asked government to put up more vocational Institutes and encourage students to participate in occupational studies as a way of reducing unemployment level in Uganda.

Additionally, he requested government to regulate school fees charged by private schools stating that there’s no difference between private schools and public schools because both have similar educational materials.