US Tour Cancelled: What's next for Fresh Kid and his manager
US Tour Cancelled: What's next for Fresh Kid and his manager

Fresh kid’s United States of America (USA) tour has been cancelled due to delay as a result of his greedy father.

Patrick Ssenyonjo commonly referred to as Fresh kid was supposed to travel to the USA for a music concert on 6th July however, the promoter who booked the 7year old singer; has been forced to cancel the show due to misunderstandings between him, fresh kid’s manager Francisco and father Paul Mutabaazi.

Paul Mutabaazi claims that his son will only be allowed to travel abroad for any music concert if he’s also given travel documents.

According to the promoter, he was only ready to offer travel documents for two people fresh kid and his manager.

He further warned that this same story might happen to the Dubai tour in case things don’t change.

The promoter said that even if fresh kid’s father buys for himself an air ticket and a visa he doesn’t want him to appear at his shows because he believes people have built a huge antipathy towards him which might force them to shun the show leading to loses.

“If fresh kid’s father insists, he will be ready to call off the shows,” said the promoter.

Meanwhile, Madrine Namata, fresh kid’s mother has asked authorities to listen to her plea and intervene as soon as possible before Mutabaazi ruins her son’s blessings.

“That man is too much, he is killing all my son’s blessings, he has insisted on travelling to the USA with him and now the promoter has cancelled the show,” Namata said in disbelief.

“That man, all he does is to kill my son’s future and now I don’t know what to do for him. He is too much, I need help,” Namatta added.

By John Dalton Kigozi