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City Lawyer Mabirizi Sues Government Over Lubowa International Specialised Hospital

The Uganda Supreme Court, based in Kololo assured city Lawyer Kasim Male Mabirizi Kiwanuka, that they are soon releasing the results from the presidential age limit appealed case, that was heard by a panel of 7 judges led by Chief Justice Hon Bart Katureebe.

Supreme Court was responding to Mabirizi’s one of the appellants earlier calls addressed the Chief Justice seeking an explanation over the retarded age limit appeal judgment.

In their response, Supreme Court said that in the shortest time possible they will be releasing their judgement.

“Reference is made to your communication requesting for reasons why judgement has not been delivered within 60 days. This is to inform you that the judgement in the said appeal is being processed by justices of the court and at the appropriate time, parties to the appeal will be notified to receive the same,” the response letter reads in parts on the 29th written by Anguardia Opifeni the court registrar.

But it’s reported that the Supreme Court Chief Justice Bart Katureebe, is not well health wise. And he’s being transferred to South Africa for a minor surgery of undisclosed illness.

Constitutional Court that sat in Mbale in a 4:1 decision, Stamped the removal of the presidential age limit clauses out of the Constitution of Uganda by parliament.

This prompted a section of three parties to challenge the Court’s resolution including; Lawyer Mabirizi, Uganda Law Society and six opposition MPs piloted by Winnie Kizza.

In January 2019, after the hearing the appeal the Supreme Court said that it will give the public feedback information as regards to the matter.

Mabirizi’s letter addressed to the Chief Justice last week, seeking answers why Court has delayed the judgement said that it’s extremely illegal for Court to delay judgement past 60 stated days.

He however, threatened to run to International, Continental Court and regional Courts to find answers on the rule of law practiced in Ugandan Courts.

“Paragraph 6 of the Uganda Judicial Code of ethics states that where a judgement is reserved it should be delivered within 60 days, unless for good reason, it’s not possible to do so.”

Still in the letter he stretched out that a person shall be entitled to a quick and fair hearing including public hearing, in reference to Article 28 (1) of the Constitution.

“The 60 days expired on 16th March 2019, but up to now, I have not received any good reason for your failure. Being an Apex Court, you could have given a reason in case there was any.”