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Victor Ruz

Who is Wajja Victor aka Victor Ruz? Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, age, wife, girlfriend, family, tribe, music, album, songs, net worth and relationship with Kats Music UG Record Label, MC Kats, Vivian Tendo, Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga, Buzz Teeniez Awards, Zzina Awards, early life and education of a Ugandan musician.

Wajja Victor commonly known as Victor Ruz is a young Ugandan musician and songwriter who mainly does RnB and Afrobeat genres of music.

Also referred to as the Nile Prince or Jinjaboy by some of his fans, Victor Ruz has used his unique sound and style to quickly become one of the most popular musicians in the country.

He is signed under Kats Music UG Record Label owned by MC Kats

Early Life and Education

victor ruz

Victor Ruz was born on 10th October 2000 at Jinja Main Hospital in Jinja district, Eastern region of Uganda. He lived here for a short period before relocating to Kampala with his mother. 

He was raised in a family of six siblings by his mother in Entebbe after his father passed away when he was just six years old.

Victor Ruz is currently single. He is a Musoga by tribe from Jinja. 

Victor Ruz attended Peterson Member Primary School for his primary education before enrolling at Kyoga Secondary School for his O-level studies and then Mehta Secondary School for his A-level studies. 

After he received his Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education, he paused his education journey for a while to embark on music, his lifelong passion. 

In March 2022, he enrolled at Victoria University for a Bachelor of Social Work and Social Administration programme fulfilling a promise he made to his mother to continue with school after stabilizing his music career.

Musical Career 

Even as a young child, Victor Ruz had a strong love for music. He was motivated by his mother, who always believed he had a special talent. He wouldn’t miss any of the activities and concerts taking place nearby.

During his A-level vacation, his passion for music eventually led him into the music business where he began his career. 

He entered the mainstream music scene in July 2019 with the publication of his debut single, “Love legend,” which was well-received, particularly by fans of love music.

This was followed up by other songs including; Kikomando, Ndeese Love, Official, and Rebecca.

When Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga, the Speaker of Parliament of Uganda by then was dropped as a flag bearer by her political party and decided to run as an independent candidate in 2021 during a tense election time, Victor Ruz wrote a song called Rebecca in her honour.

Victor Ruz announced the end of his first episode in the music industry in 2021 after releasing the track “Official” and the beginning of his next episode, in which he made it plain that his fans would be in command of their brand. 

He demonstrated this by giving them the choice of which of the two songs, Tattoo or Wansala, would be released first. On July 16, 2021, he dropped the latter after it won the fans hearts.

Victor Ruz’s music is a unique blend of Afro-pop, R&B, and dancehall. His songs often touch on themes such as love, hope, and perseverance, and carry positive messages that resonate with his fans. 

victor ruz with manager mc kats
Ruz with MC Kats

Achievements and Awards

Victor Ruz’s music has earned him several awards and nominations.

In 2020, he was nominated in the category of Best Breakthrough Artist and Best Video Of The Year for the Buzz Teeniez Awards. In the same year, he won the category of Most Talented Rising Star in the Hiskool Music Awards. 

In 2021 for the Zzina Awards, Victor Ruz won the Best Break Through Artist category and was nominated for the Best Contemporary Urban Song category.

He has also collaborated with other popular Ugandan musicians such as Martha Mukisa, Chosen Becky and Fille.

In 2021, Victor Ruz was named brand ambassador for Dalausi Juice. And in March 2022, he joined Victoria University and became the university’s brand ambassador as well.

Currently, Victor Ruz is expected to have a net worth of 91 million Ugandan shillings based on his expected revenue of over 33 million Ugandan shillings in 2022, up from over 12 million in 2021, when the majority of his songs were published.

victor ruz songs


  • Love Legend (2019)
  • Kako (2020)
  • Kikomando (2020)
  • Ndeese Love (2020)
  • Nkulinze 
  • Zalina 
  • Official (2021)
  • Rebecca (2021)
  • Wansala (2021)
  • Ogeza (2021) 
  • Twesangeyo (2022)
  • Webale (2021)
  • Nfa (2022)
  • Salawo (2022)
  • Umbrella (2022)
  • Mbuzako (2022)
  • Nawe ft A known
  • Kikomando ft Martha Mukisa
  • Nesiga ft Shammy K
  • Akwagala ft Chosen Becky
  • Tolindeka ft Da Shaminator Kabaka


Victor Ruz was rumoured to be dating Vivian Tendo in 2020, a claim denied by both singers. Victor Ruz however vented his heartbreak and confusion on social media before declaring the love affair an April fool’s joke.

Afterwards, he came forward and declared his love for Michelle Kaddu, the daughter of singer Desire Luzinda.

Victor Ruz publicly confessed his love for Michelle as she was residing in the USA with her mother. He posted different photos and captions for her whenever the chance arose but he never got any serious reply from Michelle.

When Victor Ruz shared pictures of himself without his previous dreadlocks in November 2021, his fans were stunned. He described it as a rebranding effort he undertook to advance his professional career.

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