Voting Should Be Compulsory For Every Ugandan: Abed Bwanika

DP bloc member Dr Abed Bwanika, has petitioned government to make voting a compulsory exercise to every Ugandan like it is in Algeria.

In a media briefing at the party headquarters in Kampala, Bwanika says most Ugandans shun voting yet they continuously complain of poverty, bad governance and other related issues.

“Because of the importance of voting, every Ugandan at age 18 and above must be compelled by law to vote,” Abed Bwanika said.

According to Abed Bwanika, every Ugandan aged 18 and above must participate in the voting process, such that every person is involved in determination of leadership in this country at all levels.

Bwanika additionally asked Electoral Commission to tighten Electoral Reforms aiming at free and fair elections.

“We want to inform the government that we are not only interested in the electoral reforms, we are interested in electoral reforms that will ensure free and fair elections in this country.”

He says electoral reforms that will ensure legitimate output of ballot in Uganda.

Abed Bwanika also said that some constituencies in Uganda are over represented while others are underrepresented which have created regional imbalances.