Can Weasel be successful without Mowzey Radio?

Weasel Needs Urgent Medical Attention, He Is Running Mad – Chagga; Former  Radio and Weasel’s manager and singer Geoffrey Chagga has come out and asked whoever responsible to help singer Douglas Mayanja alias Weasel Manizo because he is running mad after the death of his friend Moses Ssekibogo alias Mowzey Radio early last year.

This came when Weasel fired Chagga as manager on social media claiming that he had failed to do his job and therefore he needed to be replaced with competent people which Chagga refutes that he resigned his position as manager a month ago.

“Weasel has never fired me, I quit by myself. This whole quarrel started when he decided to join Bryan White but we immediately solved that. This recent battle escalated due to his poor working ethics. I decided to quit. All I can say is that Weasle need urgent help or soon he will run mad” he said.

Can Weasel be successful without Mowzey Radio?
Chagga, former Radio and Weasel manager

Chagga also revealed that Weasel is in a bad condition because he is fighting a mental problem which needs urgent care and medication.

Before Radio’s death, the Neera singer (Radio) referred to Chagga as his father and unfireable and claimed that him and Weasle will never ever fire Chagga under any circumstances unless he leaves himself

Until now the tokyayitaba has not revealed his new management at Goodlyf and Angel Music but he is rumored to be joining his brother Jose Chameleon at Leone Island entertainment since they are seen touring different places together.

We shall keep you posted