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Weight Loss Stories

Today, through this article, we offer you realistic weight loss success stories. We are pleased to present to you a bunch of true weight loss success stories of people who have gone through the experience of excess weight. And wanted to get rid of this problem in order to finally achieve what they want.

There are many health problems that a person may be exposed to throughout his life. One of the most important of these problems is excessive weight or obesity.

In fact, obesity is not classified as a disease, but it is considered the cause of many serious diseases. Among the most important diseases that obesity causes are cardiovascular diseases.

Get Inspired By These Weight Loss Stories

The Story of Chelsea Curtis

Chelsea gained a lot of weight after the birth of her baby girl and suffered from some depression. However, with the help of her friend, she became attached to the sport of boxing. Then she continued to perform it more than 4 times a week. Today, Chelsea is inspiring her followers, through her account on Instagram. Eat healthy food, cleanse the body of toxins, and encourage exercise.

Hailey Morris Weight Loss Story

After living with excess weight all her life, and after many failed attempts to lose weight. Hailey Morris made a final decision to change her destiny. Thanks to exercise, healthy eating, and giving up fatty foods and sugars. Hailey was able to lose 30 kilograms of weight. Today she continues to encourage and inspire others to follow this healthy lifestyle.

Maranda’s Weight Loss Story

For the sake of her family, Maranda weighed about 140 kilograms. Sought to reduce her weight in order to be able to run and play with her children. Her lifestyle changed completely and she managed to lose more than 75 kilograms of weight with perseverance and will. Maranda shares her inspiring story with her more than 23,000 followers on her Instagram account. Also, she offers many tips to encourage and motivate others.

Cassie’s Story

As in Maranda’s story, Cassie made the decision to lose weight for the sake of her family and children. She also shared her inspiring story through a private account on Instagram, which shows the healthy recipes that she prepares and her intense exercises to achieve her goal of participating in the triathlon race.

Beth Young Weight Loss Story

Weight Loss Stories

A girl was able in a short period of time to lose about 44 kilos of her weight. Which was about 152 kilos, which caused her psychological and physical pain. Thanks to her father’s continuous encouragement to her. As she was addicted to eating fast food until she became an inspiration to her father, who also lost weight.

And the British Daily Mail reported that Beth Young, 28, who lives in East Yorkshire, United Kingdom, was suffering from chest pain and struggling to get up from the sofa in September last year and it was a warning to her that she needed to treat her weight of 152.41 kilograms.

The report indicated that after three months of following a strict diet, she was able to lose 44 kilos of her weight, as she encouraged her father, maintenance engineer Pete Doyle, 55 years old, who weighed more than 133.36 kilos, to join her. She now weighs 88.9 kilos, and she, who has a nine-year-old son named Rio, said: “I always denied my weight.”

Beth and her father’s relationship became strong. Thanks to the weight loss, and now she is a weight loss consultant. Beth said: “When I had chest pains just trying to stand, I thought if I was like this now, what would I be like in 10 years and my father and I reached our target weights in October of this general”.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips To Get Your Own Weight Loss Story

Weight Loss Stories


It is one of the most important factors in losing weight, as you must monitor the quantity and quality of food that you eat. You can use a paper diary or phone diary to record all the foods and drinks you eat throughout the day and assess your compliance.


You can do moderate-intensity exercise for an hour a day, such as brisk walking. It is also possible to start exercising gradually and increase its intensity over time.

People with heart problems, diabetes, or any other health condition should consult a doctor about the level of exercise intensity they can engage in.

Cut Calories:

Losing weight requires burning more calories than those taken in through food. You should eat low-calorie foods that make you feel full at the same time, such as vegetables.

Reduce Carbohydrates

Examples of carbohydrates are rice, pasta, and bread.

Where carbohydrates are converted into glucose in the blood, which stimulates the secretion of insulin, which works to bring glucose into the tissues to produce energy. During this, insulin also works to prevent the burning of fat and store excess glucose in the form of fat.

Reduce Fat

You have to reduce the intake of fats, which contributes to a significant increase in weight. But there is no objection to introducing healthy fats into your diet in reasonable quantities, such as olive oil, avocados, nuts, etc., as they help to feel full and improve mood.

Reduce Sugars

The most important tip to lose weight is to reduce the intake of sweets, soft drinks, and foods with added sugar. Such as some types of sauces and canned vegetables, as these foods contribute to an increase in waist circumference.

Eat Foods Rich In Fiber

It is one of the important tips to help lose weight, as fiber helps to feel full and reduces the desire to eat.

Its sources include vegetables, fruits, whole grains, oats, lentils, beans, and more.

Drink More Water:

Many people may confuse the feeling of hunger with the feeling of thirst. Which leads to them eating more food than needed. So you have to drink plenty of water throughout the day.