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stanbic bank mediprotect

As a guide to what types of health insurance Stanbic Bank MediProtect covers, we have listed them below.

Stanbic MediProtect is a personal comprehensive medical insurance program (voluntary medical insurance program) that is underwritten by Prudential and created to assist you in taking care of yourself and your family through a variety of reasonably priced medical insurance plans.

Inpatient, maternity, funeral, outpatient, optical, and dental benefits are all included in the coverage at extremely reasonable prices.

In this article, we share everything you need to know about Stanbic Bank MediProtect. We discuss the benefits, covers, charges, and more. If you’re considering getting covered, read on for instructions and a better understanding of how it works.

Benefits of Stanbic Bank MediProtect

stanbic bank mediprotect benefit

Stanbic Bank MediProtect presents numerous benefits. A quality health insurance plan can help you and your family safeguard your long-term health and financial security. 

It makes sense to get insured with the new ways to obtain affordable health insurance. Here’s what makes Stanbic Bank MediProtect a good health insurance option.

  • Pay premiums that are within your present means of income.
  • Register online from any location.
  • Access medical services around the nation from more than 200 authorized healthcare partners.
  • Choose the plan that best meets your medical needs from three possibilities.
  • Add dependents to your health insurance
  • Customers are served round-the-clock.

Stanbic Bank MediProtect covers medical expenses

  • Dental expenses
  • In-patient
  • Out-patient
  • Maternity
  • Funeral expenses
  • Optical expenses

Requirements for signing up with Stanbic Bank MediProtect

  • An account with Stanbic Bank. For this, you can sign up online or visit the nearest Stanbic Bank branch. 
  • National ID or passport
  • Birth certificate (for children)

Stanbic Bank MediProtect Covers

There are several different types of health insurance coverage available under Stanbic Bank MediProtect, which are listed below.

Type of coverPremium per life
SilverUGX 600,000
GoldUGX 1,000,000
PlatinumUGX 2,000,000

The least expensive MediProtect package, Silver, is available for Shs 600,000 per year and provides policyholders with medical coverage up to Shs 20 million in yearly value. Prospective clients can pick between three MediProtect packages based on affordability.

While the Platinum category, which is available for Sh2 million, offers insurers over Sh120 million in yearly value and an extensive list of features, the Gold package, whose premium costs Sh1 million, offers up to Sh70 million in medical cover value for a year.


In general, health insurance offers several advantages. Similar to how house or car insurance protects you and your family from financial losses. Even if you are in good health, you never know when an accident or illness can happen. Visits to the hospital can cost much more than you might anticipate.

Remember, you are in control of your life. With Stanbic Bank’s cost-effective health cover, you can take control of your health right away. 

Make the first move to safeguard your family and yourself by applying today. To get started, visit Stanbic Bank online or call 0800250250. You can also send an email to [email protected]