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President Museveni gives orders on Arrest and Torture of Suspects
Several suspects have been tortured during arrests

The Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) has quizzed Democratic Party (DP) mobilizer Yusuf Kawooya over the stoning of President Museveni’s motorcade.

Yusuf Kawooya was brutally arrested by at least five officers, reportedly from CMI, last week.

Yusuf Kawooya grilled for stoning president’s motorcade in Owino
These are the men said to has brutally arrested Kawooya

Identified as Daniel Senkungu, Moses Rwamwenge, Omara, Nickson and Simon, the five are being detained at Makindye Military Barracks after they were charged with abusing the army’s standard operating law procedures while executing the arrest.

All former members of the Presidential Protection Unit (PPU), they appeared before the army’s disciplinary unit at the weekend.

Sharifah Nakitende, Kawooya’s sister, has now revealed that her brother has been quizzed in relation to the stoning of the presidential motorcade while Museveni was on a tour of Kampala recently in the Uganda news now.

The stoning of the motorcade reportedly happened in Owino Market.

Nakitende was one of Kawooya’s family members allowed access to the tortured DP member at the Special investigations Unit (SIU) in Kireka on Tuesday.

“He told me they are just asking him about some scandals, that: ‘did he know anything about the ones who stoned the president’s cars in Owino?”

In August, the alleged stoning of Museveni’s luggage car saw the elite Special Forces Command (SFC) soldiers reportedly shoot singer and MP Bobi Wine’s driver Yasin Kawuma.

Over 30 people also face treason charges for the attack on the presidential motorcade.

We shall keep you posted here at Flash Uganda media about any more developments in the Yusuf Kawooya case.

By Paul Wetaase.