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Itchy Breast Menopause

Introduction One of the reasons for itchy breasts is menopause, which is a condition in which normal production of estrogen stops which causes a lot...

All Information about Breast Rash

What is breast rash?  Now a day’s lot of people are observing redness, irritation, and feelings of pain or tenderness in their breasts which is...
keratosis pilaris black skin

How to Manage Keratosis Pilaris in Black Skin: Tips and Tricks

Keratosis pilaris occurs when keratin, a protein that shields your skin against bacteria and infections, builds up in pores. It forms scaly plugs which...
quickly shrink hemorrhoid skin

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Hemorrhoid Skin Tags and How to Shrink Them

Skin tags can form on people with hemorrhoids or a painful fissure in their anal canal. Generally, these benign growths should not be disturbed...
loose skin vs fat

Loose Skin vs Fat: What’s the Difference and How to Tell

Losing weight can be frustrating when your skin begins to loosen and excess body fat appears. Unfortunately, both conditions may appear similar, so it's...

Crystal Waist Beads: The Meaning, Benefits, and How to Wear Them

Waist beads are traditional African accessories that have been worn for centuries by women across the continent. They are made up of small, glass...

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