Listed below are the top six massage spa in Kampala

Top 8 Massage Spas and Beauty Centers in Kampala, Uganda

Here are the top eight massage spas in Kampala, Uganda, including Essence Spa Lounge, Spataneous Beauty Spa, Emin Pasha Pool, Vanilla Spa, and Calabash...
risks of massage therapy

Risks Associated With Massage Therapy: What You Should Know

Some of the risks associated with massage therapy include cardiovascular disease, blood clots, and skin bruising. Injury to the massage therapist is also possible. There...
what is shiatsu massage (1)

What Are the Benefits of Shiatsu Massage?

One of the many benefits of shiatsu massage is that it stimulates blood flow in soft tissues. In addition, it helps the skin's sebaceous...
what is a thai massage and benefits (1)

What Is a Thai Massage, and How Is It Different From Other Forms of...

Traditional Thai medicine states that Thai massage serves to release trapped energy, increase circulation, and promote a state of wellness and general health. If you...
reflexology massage (1)

What Are the Health Benefits of Reflexology Massage?

There are many benefits to reflexology massage, including improved circulation, detoxification of metabolic waste, and reduction of stress. The benefits of reflexology massage are many. It improves...
sports massage therapy (1)

What Is a Sports Massage, Types, Benefits and Techniques Used?

The benefits of sports massage are well known, but how exactly do sports massages work? There are three types of sports massage, Pre-event, Restorative,...

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