WHO Hydroxychloroquine COVID-19 Treatment

WHO Warns Against Using Hydroxychloroquine in the Treatment of COVID-19

WHO warns against using hydroxychloroquine trial as COVID-19 treatment - It could claim more lives. The World Health Organization (WHO) said Monday that hydroxychloroquine should...
Museveni covid-19 deaths in uganda

President Museveni Warns of Possible COVID-19 Deaths in Uganda

I am not to blame in case of any COVID-19 deaths in Uganda - Museveni warns Ugandans to stop being reckless on health matters. President...
Ugandan LegislatorsTested for COVID-19

Uganda Tests up to 300 Legislators and Parliament Staff for COVID-19

300 MPs and Parliament staff members and workers were stressed to a screening exercise for COVID-19 on Thursday. The Ministry of Health (MOH) Thursday held...
COVID-19 cases in Uganda Drop

COVID-19 cases in Uganda Drop to 145 after Museveni’s directive

COVID-19 cases in Uganda drop sharply to 145 after President Museveni's directive to deduct cases of foreign truckers. Ministry of Health (MOH) has clarified that...
Museveni traders hiking food prices

Coronavirus COVID-19: Museveni warns traders against hiking food prices

Coronavirus: Museveni cautions traders against hiking food prices or else they risk cancellation of their licenses President Museveni has cautioned Ugandan traders’ particular in the...
Tanzania’s opposition on COVID-19

President Magufuli Is Hiding Proper Figures on COVID-19 – Tanzania’s Opposition

Tanzania’s opposition insists that the country is just formulating COVID-19 figures to show their hard work but there is no progress. Tanzania's political opposition has...

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