Kenzo Kibuli Mosque

Kibuli Mosque: Kenzo finally reveals his last plan to end fights with Sheikh Muzaata

Former BET Award winner Eddy Kenzo has vowed to camp outside Kibuli Mosque until Sheikh Muzaata apologises to him
Eddy Kenzo Sheikh Muzaata at rema kukyala ceremony

Eddy Kenzo vows not to sing again in Uganda until Sheikh Muzaata apologises to...

Ugandan Singer, BET Award winner, Edrisa Musuuza, stage name Eddy Kenzo has vowed not to sing again in any Ugandan stage until...
Sheikh Nuuhu Muzaata to Edrisa Musuuza Kenzo

Fans petition Uganda Muslims Supreme Council over Muzaata’s demeaning statements to Kenzo

Disappointed fans sign a petition to Uganda Muslims Supreme Council demanding an urgent recorded APOLOGY from Sheikh Nuuhu Muzaata to Edrisa Musuuza...
Full Figure Rema Kukyala ceremony

Full Figure blasts Rema for hiring home, Sengas and guests for her Kukyala ceremony

Full Figure, a city Socialite said that Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Baate attacked Kenzo because of the food and rice
Kenzo Sheikh Muzaata

Rema Kukyala ceremony: Kenzo fires back at Sheikh Muzaata for humiliating him in public

Eddy Kenzo fires back at Sheikh Muzaata over humiliating statements during Rema’s Kukyala ceremony Kenzo fires back at Sheikh Muzaata for humiliating...
Sheikh Muzaata Kenzo

Rema and Sebunya Kukyala Ceremony: Sheikh Muzaata denies apologizing to playboy Eddy Kenzo

Sheikh Muzaata says he will never apologise to playboy Kenzo and denied owning the facebook account in which the apology claimed to...

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