Hotels in Kampala- A new wonder and a growing sensation

Uganda has been making rapid strides and rampant progress in almost all departments and with the standard of living in the country being in a slow but steady rise, there have been a large number of hotels that are growing in the country at a fair rate of knots. Needless to say, that the tourism sector is one of the predominant and chief sources of income of the nation. Kampala, the national as well as the commercial capital of Uganda has got many a hotels to allure and entice travellers from all over the world visiting the country. Of late, it has got the distinction of having hotels with fantastic amenities and world-class facilities that are rare to find even in many top places of the world. The majority of the hotels in Kampala have got great service and highly favourable locations which definitely provide them with added edge. Many tourists and travellers from all over nowadays visit Uganda, and Kampala being an inevitable and invariable part of the journey, it goes without saying that accommodation forms a vital part of the entire endeavour. To start off, the simple matter of the fact is that there is no dearth of Hotels in Kampala. Although many hotels in Kampala started rather well, however, many failed to make a long lasting and mentionable mark. In the ever changing world of hotels, however, there are many hotels which have stood the test of time and definitely deserve special mention and also are a people’s favourite.
Meley Impala Hotel:
One of such remarkable hotels is the Meley Impala Hotel, situated in Munyonyo, which provides fabulous staying experience and impeccable service. The location of this hotel is really conducive for it is in very close proximity (only a meagre distance of about 5 km) from the famous Kampala Business Centre. Thus, many executives, businessmen and high-rank officers prefer the Impala Hotel as their chosen place of accommodation while in Kampala, especially if they have some business in the Kampala Business Centre.

Meley Impala Hotel

This splendid hotel is full of various amenities and different facilities such as a sprawling area of parking space, 24/7 Restaurant & Bar Open, CCTV Camera, Conference hall, playground and not to forget i.e. last but certainly not the least more than 30 luxurious rooms. Moreover, to go with and on top of that there are accommodation of varying ranges which makes you choose your own as per your budget and without burning a hole in your pocket. Meley Impala hotel is one with the best Acoustic Live Band, salsa music, exotic dishes and the most some incredible music played by the best Deejays in the town. Furthermore, pick-up services of guests from the airport and for that of customers too are also provided by the Meley Impala Hotel.
Serena Hotel: But barring the Impala hotel of Kampala, there is also another hotel known as Serena Hotel which by no chance and in no way lags behind the former by any means or stretch of imagination. In fact, in many ways and dimension, it outweighs even the grand Impala Hotel. In the year 2017, it was awarded as the best as well as the most celebrated hotel in the whole of Uganda leaving behind rivals and competitors like Sheraton Kampala Hotel and Munyonyo Common Wealth Hotel.

Serena Hotel in Kampala

XAgain in 2018, there came another feather in the already elusive cap of the Serena Hotel Kampala when one of the leading and most famous online travel portal Trip Advisor went on to rate it as a global hotel and tourism ranking site. The Serena Hotel Kampala rests on a sprawling land area of 17 acres with gardens and lawns right at the heart of the city of Kampala on Kintu Road Nakasero Hill. It also holds the distinction of hosting the Common Wealth Heads of Government meeting in the year 2007. So both statistically and from historical point of view, the Serena Hotel in Kampala easily outweighs and outdoes any other hotel in Kampala. Statistics and history apart, Serena Hotel Kampala is considered by one and all as the best place to hold music shows, events and functions, conferences, weddings, ceremonies and fundraisers. It is the direct witness and hosting place of many events, programmes and ceremonies. Serena is everyone’s most favourite five star hotel, so to speak in Uganda and this is unanimous without any element of doubt or question whatsoever. Not only for hosting events and functions, it is an equally good hotel to just stay, relax, unwind and enjoy. No wonder, amongst the top hotels in Kampala, the Serena hotel occupies a highly prominent position, if not the top-most spot; one of great pride and prestige.
The most fascinating aspect of both the Impala Hotel and Serena Hotel in Kampala has been their unmatched consistency in terms of living up to their own reputation and unparalleled services which have indeed set them apart and shoulders above other hotels in Kampala. This amazing run of consistency continued for a prolong period of time together with the hospitality factor which both these hotels have excelled in has contributed to the resounding success of these two hotels in Kampala not only meeting the expectations of the customers but going one step further and exceeding them as well.
There are many other very good hotels in Kampala too apart from the aforementioned two with great services offered and having terrific amenities along with world-class infrastructure. The range of these hotels as far as the cost factor is concerned varies and thereby one can make choices as per his/her own taste and budget.
The booking to these Best hotels is Kampala is super easy too. One can make pre-booking in advance via online medium or directly reach the spot, to these hotels in Kampala and thereafter make a booking. However, during the rush season, it is advised to make a booking of one’s room as per requirement in advance in order to be absolutely sure that one gets the desired and intended accommodation in the hotel of one’s choice.