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dfcu bank account

A Step-by-Step Guide to Opening a DFCU Bank Account

Don't know where to start when it comes to opening a DFCU account? We can help. DFCU bank is focused on providing simple, affordable...
Airtel Money to DFCU Bank Account

How to Transfer Money Between Mobile Money and Your DFCU Account

Money can now be transferred from DFCU bank accounts to mobile money wallets and from mobile money wallets to bank accounts for bank customers. DFCU...
get a Mobi Loan from KCB

KCB Uganda Mobi Loan: What Should I Do to Get a Loan?

KCB bank offers a short-term unsecured loan called Mobi Loan, which is initiated by using your Mobi platform as security. Customers can borrow credit. The Mobi...
dfcu mobi loan

DFCU Mobi Loan: How It Works and What You Need to Know

DFCU Bank has introduced an automated loan option called DFCU Mobi Loan. Consumers can access the loan through DFCU QuickBanking, the bank's online banking...
finance trust bank mobile app

How to Get Trust Mobile Loan on Your Phone / Loan KU Simu

Trust Mobile Loan from Finance Trust Bank, a commercial bank in Uganda, is a simple and quick way to borrow money from anywhere in...
atm card visa stanbic bank

ATM Card/Visa From Stanbic Bank: Types and How to Get Them

With the Stanbic Bank ATM/Visa card, you can swipe or tap to pay for regular purchases. Many merchants also require this method of payment. Keeping...

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