Visiting the Rivers of Uganda

What You Need to Know Before Visiting the Rivers of Uganda

Uganda boasts a number of freshwater bodies, including rivers, which are capable of generating electricity and facilitating marine-based tourism. Uganda is blessed with numerous freshwater...
Top Cultural Sites in Buganda for Tourists lubiri-palace

The Top Cultural Sites for Tourists in Buganda

In Uganda, cultural tours are not as popular as mountain gorilla treks and game drives. This should not be the case, since Uganda has...
Lake Katwe and salt mining in uganda (1)

What to Do and Know About Lake Katwe in Uganda

Lake Katwe in Queen Elizabeth National Park produces the greatest amount of salt during the dry season. Salt production peaks from January to March...
rubaga cathedral masses

The Rubaga Cathedral: What You Must Know Before Visiting

Rubaga Cathedral sits atop Lubaga hill in Kampala, one of the seven hills in the region, and is known as St. Mary's Cathedral Lubaga....
Semliki valley wildlife reserve (1)

Forests in Uganda: What You Need to Know Before You Go

In countries like Uganda, forests provide numerous benefits and when managed sustainably, contribute to environmental protection, economic development, and an overall improvement in the...
lakes in Uganda (1)

Here Are 8 Top Lake Vacation Spots in Uganda

Uganda has a number of significant lakes, including Lake Victoria, Albert, Bunyonyi, Edward, Katwe, Kyoga, and George. Uganda is part of the African Great Lakes...

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