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Best Restaurants in Uganda

Best Restaurants In Uganda; Uganda is blessed with the best restaurants and best dishes throughout Africa. Some of the restaurants are local whereas others are from other countries with willingness to tap in the Ugandan market which is attractive probably due to high growth of the population which is dominated by 70% youth below 40 years.

Thanks to KFC, Café Javas, Urban Pizza, 2K restaurant, Java house and several others which are scattered around Kampala and nearby areas with hundreds of branches. Our section elaborates about the locations of different branches of those restaurants, the dishes and items provided by these restaurants, the different deals and promotions by these restaurants and explain the prices charged and the discounts offered on these items. Therefore our readers are able to differentiate and make choice on the available options depending on location, customer care, services provided or the prices charged by the different restaurants mentioned in this section. This section works as a guide for people both locals and tourists from other countries like European or Caribbean countries who visit Uganda. The Best Restaurants sections highlights the biggest and best service providers and these includes KFC Uganda, Urban Pizza located in Wandegeya, Cafe Javas, 2K restaurants, Pizza Hut and others.

Cafe Javas dead rat milkshake is a blackmail (1)

Cafe Javas Says Rat Footage in a Milkshake Is Blackmail

Cafe Javas states that a viral video showing a customer receiving a milkshake containing a dead rat is baseless and only intended to blackmail...
Best Restaurants in uganda2

8 Best restaurants in Uganda: Cafe Javas, Urban Pizza, KFC, Food Hub and more

Kampala is one city that is well known for its best restaurants in Uganda, you can’t fail to locate one just in case you...
Christmas at KFC

Christmas at KFC

As the festive season is getting closer, thousands of people have already started leaving towns like Kampala, Entebbe and others going back to villages...
Why You Should Consider Having Lunch At Cafe Javas

Why You Should Consider Having Lunch At Cafe Javas

Whenever you think about having lunch meals, first place in mind should be Cafe Javas, a home of best meals around Kampala. Cafe Javas is...
What It Feels Like Having Breakfast At Cafe Javas

What It Feels Like Having Breakfast At Cafe Javas

Several questions have been asked about what is special with Cafe Javas breakfast since hundreds of people most especially corporate personnel who storm Cafe...
Urban Pizza, a new home for Makerere University

Urban Pizza, a new home for Makerere University

Makerere University students are known for loving beautiful places where they can access quality things at the cheapest affordable prices. From bars, clubs and...

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