Byabakama ec silent police brutalizing opposition

Why EC Is Silent When the Police Are Brutalizing Opposition Candidates

Responding to why the EC is silent when the police are brutalizing opposition candidates, Byabakama said ‘'I am not God to know...
2021 elections bobi wine

Bobi Wine: We Shall Not Allow Museveni to Rig Our Votes in 2021 Elections

Bobi Wine has once again made it clear that they will do everything possible to ensure that the 2021 elections are not...
mission achieve museveni tells ugandans

I Still Have a Mission to Achieve, Museveni Tells Ugandans

Museveni has yet again defended his decision to remain power-hungry arguing that he still has a mission to achieve.
museveni overthrow nrm government

Violence Won’t Overthrow the NRM Government, Museveni Warns Opposition

Museveni has stressed that they will not take lightly any opposition parties that want to apply violence to overthrow the NRM government. 
riots kadaga electoral commission

Kadaga Says Electoral Commission Is to Blame for Ongoing Riots

Kadaga said that the Electoral Commission (EC) is responsible for the ongoing demonstrations and protests around the country. The...
mugisha muntu suspends campaigns

ANT’s Mugisha Muntu Suspends Campaigns Over Bobi Wine Arrest

Nobert Mao and the Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) president Mugisha Muntu have joined many other Ugandans to protest Bobi Wine's arrest.

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