Museveni Warns Against Violence

Museveni Warns Against Violence, ‘’We Are Ready to Deal With All the Culprits’’

Museveni said NRM is focused on people's needs rather than their identity, adding that the party has united more people since the...
kyagulanyi’s petition mayambala 2

Court Allows Mayambala to File a Formal Letter to Take up Kyagulanyi’s Petition

In a letter dated February 25, 2021, Mayambala told the court that he was interested in taking over proceedings in relation to...
Frank-gashumba Oulanyah to Become a Speaker

Frank Gashumba: It’s Time for Oulanyah to Become a Speaker

Gashumba has told those in NRM that it is high time they looked into making Jacob Oulanyah the next speaker of Parliament.
Kyagulanyi Applies to Withdraw the Election Petition

Kyagulanyi Makes It Official, Applies to Withdraw the Presidential Election Petition

Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine has officially written his application to the court to withdraw a petition challenging President Museveni’s victory in...
kyagulanyi’s lawyers withdraw petition2

Sam Muyizi: Kyagulanyi’s Lawyers Happy With Decision to Withdraw Petition

One of Kyagulanyi’s lawyers, Sam Muyizi has given an insight as to why they saw it meaningful for their client to withdraw...
Kasule-Lumumba NRM Tells Bobi Wine withdraw petiton

NRM Tells Bobi Wine, Pay for Wasting Our Time in Court

NRM has warned Bobi Wine that any action to withdraw his petition will require him to pay fines as compensation for wasting...

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