Sudan World Bank suspends aid after coup (1)

World Bank: Aid to Sudan Suspended After Coup

Following the military takeover that overthrew the prime minister, the World Bank, an international financial institution, suspended its aid to Sudan. Sudan To Organise Elections...
Sudan suspended by African Union due to military coup-GettyImages-1236139297 (1)

Sudan Suspended by African Union Due to Military Coup

According to the African Union, it has suspended Sudan until the civil rule is restored, calling the military takeover an "unconstitutional" seizure of power. In...
Richard-Lumu DP warns MPs against supporting bail removal (1)

DP Warns MPs Against Supporting Museveni Bail Scrap Plan

The Democratic Party (DP) has warned legislators against backing any move to scrap bail, stating that it could be used against them. Ugandan Parliament Calls...
Museveni on bail and judicial decisions (1)

Museveni on Judicial Decisions: Why Should Criminals Be Given Bail?

Museveni questioned why courts continue to issue bail to criminals and offenders, saying that it is a disservice to the victims because they are...
Chameleone Hits to Critics Over Car range rover (1)

Chameleone Hits at Critics Over Range Rover: “We Can’t All Live in Your Opinion”

Jose Chameleone, a legendary musician, reacted to critics over a new range rover donation by saying he will not allow being intimidated. Pastor Bugingo: The...
kaguta-museveni COVID-19 Restrictions Maintains 7 PM Curfew

Museveni Lifts Some COVID-19 Restrictions, Maintains 7 PM Curfew

Accordingly, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has directed that the curfew from 7pm to 5:30am remain in place until the coronavirus has been eradicated. Education Ministry...

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