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Uganda News; What about receiving the latest news in Uganda as it happens on your phone or computer without delays and misinformation?

Flash Uganda Media for years now has mastered the game of delivering news faster than any other news website in Uganda.

News in different sectors like business, entertainment, politics and sports become more important and useful and important if it reaches its users as soon as it happens.

We do not only deliver news fast but well detailed and factual information about any scandals or accidents that dominate internet in Uganda and Africa as a whole.

Flash Uganda Media is credited for its role during the time when over 30 Ugandans drowned on Lake Victoria, the arrest of Kizza Besigye and singer turned politician Bobi wine.

We also provided detailed stories on the death of police officers Andrew Felix Kaweesi, Muhammad Kirumira and NRM’s Member of Parliament for Arua Municipality who was shot dead near his home in Kawanda.

We provide under this section, news as the happen without bias or favoritism but the naked truth.

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Norbert Mao of dp on joint candidate for museveni

Norbert Mao: DP Not Ready for Joint Candidate in the Forth Coming 2021 Elections

Norbert Mao made it clear that DP is not ready to collaborate with other opposition parties to see a joint candidate stand...
peter miles

Peter Miles: Biography, Girlfriend, Songs, Age and Family of Peter Kanyike

Who is Peter Miles? Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, Age, music, girlfriend, family, early life and education of Peter Kanyike.
Sheebah Karungi biography

Sheebah Karungi: Biography, Music, Education and Background of Samalie Njagala Karungi

Who is Sheebah Karungi? Flash Uganda Media looks at her biography, songs, music, education and background of Samalie Njagala Karungi.
Who is Simon Mugenyi Byabakama?

Simon Mugenyi Byabakama: Biography, Education and Family of current Chairperson of Uganda’s Electoral Commission

Who is Simon Mugenyi Byabakama? Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, early life, education and family of the current Chairperson of Uganda’s Electoral Commission.
crysto panda

Crysto Panda: Biography, Girlfriend, Songs and Family of Herbert Kityamuweesi

Who is Crysto Panda? Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, Age, music, girlfriend, songs, house, family, early life and education of Herbert Kityamuweesi.
Henry Tigan biography

Henry Tigan: Biography, Wife, Songs and Family of Henry Tony Kirumaganyi

Who is Henry Tigan? Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, Age, music, wife, songs, house, family, early life and education of Henry Tony Kirumaganyi.

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