Toyota-duet-fuel-efficient cars available in Uganda
In Uganda, there are a lot of fuel-efficient cars on the market today.

Below is a list of fuel-efficient cars available in Uganda today that you can choose from if you are interested in buying one.

The endless rise in fuel prices in Uganda has resulted in a greater need for fuel-efficient cars for transportation. However, many Ugandans have not paid much attention to fuel consumption as a key factor when choosing a vehicle.

Right now everyone thinking of buying a car asks about the fuel consumption rate or capacity of the car he or she is going to buy.

Fuel consumption is determined by the size of the engine normally known as the CC. CC stands for cubic centimetres and it measures the volume of fuel and air that can be pushed through the car’s cylinders. 

The fore larger engines or higher cc engines burn more fuel and produce more power and this means that the cars with engines with higher cc consume more fuel and move faster than the ones with lower cc. 

In this article, we are looking for fuel-efficient cars to drive in Uganda and we are looking at cars with a maximum of 1300cc. 

Daihatsu Mira

Daihatsu Mira

This is one of the most fuel-efficient cars to drive in Uganda today. The Daihatsu Mira is a 3-engine cylinder vehicle and has an engine capacity of either 660cc or 1000cc. 

With this car, 1 litre of fuel can take you for at least 27 kilometres. 

This car is available in Uganda but not very common however if you specifically want it you can visit any car bond or even order it online with reliable and trusted car dealers. 

Nissan March

Nissan March car

This is a small simple, dependable hatchback which is very economical on fuel. The Nissan March has 2 types of engine, that is to say, 1,000cc and 1,300cc and both of them have 4 cylinders. 

This car is common in Uganda although it’s phasing out slowly due to the introduction of other fuel-efficient cars with modern technology such as the Toyota Passo, Vitz, and Ractis. 

Both the 1000cc and 1300cc are very efficient when it comes to fuel consumption. 

Suzuki Swift

top fuel-efficient cars uganda

The Suzuki Swift is a 4-cylinder engine vehicle with 1,200cc and it either comes as an automatic transmission car or manual. 

This car is much more stable on the road than a Nissan march, Toyota Passo and the Duet. With this car, 1 litre can take you for at least 24 kilometres.  

Toyota Duet

Toyota Duet

A Toyota duet is one of the most fuel-efficient cars to drive in Uganda today. it is a small 5-seater, 5-door vehicle mainly designed for town service activities. 

The car comes with either a 1,000cc engine or a 1,300cc engine. With this engine size, a litre of fuel can take you for around 20 kilometres. 

Therefore with these sky-rocketing fuel prices better rush and get yourself a Toyota Duet if you want to keep driving.

Toyota Passo

Toyota Passo

The Toyota Passo is also one of the most fuel-efficient cars to drive in Uganda. This is one of the most trending small cars in Uganda today. It has attracted many Ugandans due to its simplicity and portable size. 

The Toyota Passo has a front-wheel or four-wheel drivetrain, seats five passengers, and has an engine displacement ranging from 1,000cc to 1,300cc. 

The Passo offers a remarkable average fuel consumption rate of about 20 kilometres per litre. 

Toyota Starlet 

Toyota Starlet

A Toyota Starlet is also among the most fuel-efficient cars available in Uganda today. The new starlet is mounted with a 4K-U engine type with a size of 1,300cc. 

This engine is known for its high performance and low fuel consumption. The new model is stable on the road and it can do long distances and its better than the Passo and the Duet. 

Its fuel consumption is good and 1 litre can take you for around 20 kilometres. 

Toyota Vitz

Toyota Vitzz

The Toyota Vitz comes in different engine capacities ranging from 1,000cc, 1,300cc and 1,500cc. When you are buying a Vitz, please make sure that you at least go for one of 1,000cc or 1300cc. 

A 1,300cc Toyota Vitz engine typically consumes fuel at a rate of 20 kilometres per 1 litre. This is ideal enough for any Ugandan middle-class person. 

This car is also good and strong therefore it can be used for long distances and can also be used as a family car for those with small families.

Toyota IST

Toyota IST has engines of both 1,300cc and 1,500cc. So if you are looking at a more fuel-efficient IST, make sure you go for the one of 1,300cc. 

It’s comparatively simple to keep track of the Toyota IST’s performance while you’re moving thanks to a trip computer that notifies you of the distance until empty, the mean fuel economy, the outside temperature, and the instant fuel economy. 

The 1,300cc IST can give you at least 20 kilometres per litre.  

Toyota Ractis

Toyota Ractis fuel-efficient

The Toyota Ractis is also composed of 2 engine capacity sizes. The one for 1,300cc and 1,500cc. if you are looking for the one with good fuel efficiency, especially in Uganda, I advise you to go for the one of 1,300cc. 

This one has a tank size of 42 litres. The vehicle’s 1,300cc version averages 20 kilometres per litre in fuel consumption. This car is small and ideal for only 5 adults. 

Mazda Demio

Mazda Demio

This is a super mini small car manufactured by Mazda. It’s slowly picking up on the Ugandan market and as of now, we have many of them on the market. 

It’s one of Mazda’s most reliable cars and its biggest advantage is its low fuel consumption capacity. 

The Mazda Demio has 1,300 ccs and this means that its consumption is very much affordable for many Ugandans who wish to drive. 

Honda Fit

Honda Fit vs toyota vitz

This is sometimes called a Honda Jazz. It’s a small 5-door car manufactured by Honda since 2001. 

This is not very common on the Ugandan market but it’s very much available and if you are in need of it you can easily look for it around the Ugandan car bonds. 

The car has both 1,300cc and 1,500cc. Therefore if you are looking for the most fuel-efficient one you should look out for the one of 1,300cc. 

The list above is ideal for you to choose from if you want to drive a fuel-efficient car in Uganda today. 

You can find any car you wish to buy in the Ugandan car bonds and if your choice is not available, you can always order your car online directly from Japan or any other country. 

Toyota Porte 

If you are looking for a fuel efficient car to drive in Uganda, the Toyota Porte should be one of your choices to choose from. The Toyota Porte is a small multi-purpose Vehicle with an electric power sliding door on the passenger side. This car comes with either 1,300cc engine or a 1,500cc engine.

Therefore if you are looking for the most fuel efficient Toyota Porte, please go for the one with the 1,300cc engine.  

Renault Kwid 

This is a nice-looking, attractive, compact and affordable Sport Utility Vehicle. The Renault Kwid engine is either 800cc or 1,000cc. Both these engines are fuel efficient and they can take you for at least 22 kilometers per Liter consumed.

Therefore if you are looking for the least fuel consuming car to drive in Uganda today, the Renault Kwid is the perfect selection.

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Editors Note: Please note that when you are looking for a fuel-efficient car to drive, “PUT the engine size (cc) as the number one consideration. The bigger the engine capacity (cc) the more fuel it consumes and the reverse is true. And also note that fuel consumption goes with other things such as car service, way of driving etc.”.