lifestyleug.com__Uganda bans facebook ahead of the presidential election (1)

Museveni Ordered UCC to Close Facebook, WhatsApp & Twitter in Uganda

President Museveni revealed that he had ordered the Uganda Communications Commission to close Facebook in Uganda.
museveni Rigging Is a Treason Case

Uganda Elections 2021: Museveni Warns Candidates, Rigging Is a Treason Case

Museveni has warned candidates intending to involve themselves in any form of vote malpractice that they will be charged for treason.
Court dismisses Lukwago case against Electoral Commission

Court Dismisses Lukwago Case Against Electoral Commission

High court dismisses Lukwago’s case on the ban of campaigns by the Electoral Commission.  
president museveni supporting the NRM

Museveni Says Ugandans Must Fulfil Their Duty of Supporting NRM

Government has many duties to fulfil but citizens have only four duties, one of which is supporting the NRM, Museveni explained.
don zella adome jeremy arrested at speke

Adome Jeremy Arrested for Stealing ‘’$80k’’ From Socialite Don Zella

Adome Jeremy, 36, arrested for allegedly stealing 80,000 USD from a client's room at Speke Apartments.
uganda access covid-19 vaccine astrazeneca

Uganda to Access COVID-19 Vaccine From AstraZeneca, MOH Confirms

The Ministry of Health (MOH) has announced that the country will acquire vaccines from AstraZeneca. As...

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