kyagulanyi’s lawyers withdraw petition2

Sam Muyizi: Kyagulanyi’s Lawyers Happy With Decision to Withdraw Petition

One of Kyagulanyi’s lawyers, Sam Muyizi has given an insight as to why they saw it meaningful for their client to withdraw...
Uganda Police take community outreach to refugee settlement camps

Police Take Community Outreach to Refugee Settlement Camps

According to ACP Anatoli Muleterwa, the Police community outreach is aimed at supporting refugees, host communities and local council leaders.
Kasule-Lumumba NRM Tells Bobi Wine withdraw petiton

NRM Tells Bobi Wine, Pay for Wasting Our Time in Court

NRM has warned Bobi Wine that any action to withdraw his petition will require him to pay fines as compensation for wasting...
Eezzy-of-Tumbiza-Sound song

Musician Eezzy Seeks Compensation From the Health Ministry Over Tumbiza Sound

Eezzy has blamed the health ministry for inflicting losses on him after they enticed him to withdraw any promotions of his -...
Archbishop-Janani-Luwum Museveni Idi Amin Was a Coward

Idi Amin Was a Coward for Killing Unarmed People – President Museveni

Museveni made the remarks during a commemoration service to remember the late Archbishop Janani Luwum who was murdered by Idi Amin for...
aceng warns covid-19 Second Wave in Uganda

COVID-19: Minister Ruth Aceng Warns of the Second Wave in Uganda

Minister Aceng, stressed that the general public should remain vigilant because a second wave of the COVID-19 infections will be even tougher.

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