muyingo schools allowed reopen classes

Govt: Only Inspected, Cleared Schools Will Be Allowed to Reopen for Other Classes

John Chrysostom Muyingo the State Minister of Education suggested that if schools are found non-compliant they will not be allowed to reopen...
police officers equipped leadership UMI

Over 19 Senior Police Officers Equipped With Leadership Skills

Senior Police officers have been equipped with knowledge in leadership and management skills from the Uganda Management Institute.
lifestyleug.com__discriminating pregnant pupils police

Police Warn Teachers Mocking and Discriminating Pregnant Pupils

The police issued a strong warning to people, teachers and school operators against any acts of discrimination aimed at the pregnant pupils.
lifestyleug.com__makerere grant mobility of students

Makerere Receives Grant for Mobility of Students and Faculty With NTU

In reference to an article published on the Makerere website, the grant will support the mobility of students and staff between the...
alex kakooza monitoring schools adherence to sops

Education Ministry to Continue Monitoring the School’s Adherence to SOPs

Kakooza noted that they will continue monitoring school’s adherence to the COVID-19 SOPs and if any is found non-compliant, they might be...
increase salaries teachers museveni

Museveni Promises to Spearhead a Plan to Increase the Salaries of Teachers

President Museveni said that the government is working towards increasing the salaries of teachers, health workers. President Yoweri Museveni...

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