Shincheonji Suggests Prayer

Shincheonji Suggests Prayer to overcome Corona 19

Shincheonji Church of Jesus Proposes Prayer Meeting of Religious People Around the World for the End of Corona 19.
covid-19 shincheonji church

Plasma Donation by Shincheonji Church Facilitates Development of the Cure for COVID-19

According to the report from the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Shincheonji Church, 562 recovered members from the church registered in...
Sarang Jeil Church in Seoul

Jin Joong-Kwon: Sarang Jeil Church Is Worse Than Shincheonji on Coronavirus Prevention

Jin Joong-Kwon slams Sarang Jeil Church for not cooperating with the prevention of coronavirus infections. Jin Joong-Kwon, a former...
Religious Movement in South Korea

COVID-19 and the Destruction of a Religious Movement in South Korea

The webinar addressed the history of an attack by politically powerful conservatives in South Korea against a Christian new religious movement known...
Shincheonji churches minority religious group in south korea

Shincheonji Church: NGOs Raise Voices Against Discrimination on a Minority Religious Group in South...

NGOs in the UN and Religious Leaders Raise Voices against Repression and Discrimination on a Minority Religious Group in South Korea.

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