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Dr. Eng Silver Mugisha reappointed NWSC MD

At a recent press conference, the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) Board announced the reappointment of Eng. Dr. Silver Mugisha as the Managing Director for a new five-year term until 2028.

The decision came after an evaluation of Dr. Mugisha’s performance, which was rated as “very good” by Eng. Dr. Badru M. Kiggundu, the NWSC board chairperson.

Eng Silver Mugisha NWSC Managing Director
Eng Silver Mugisha

A Decade of Progress

Eng. Dr. Kiggundu commended the Board and Managing Director for their leadership, highlighting the significant progress made by NWSC over the past ten years. This progress has been instrumental in shaping the decision to reappoint Dr. Mugisha in accordance with Section 16 of the NWSC Act.

Impressive Milestones Achieved

Under the visionary leadership of Dr. Mugisha, NWSC has witnessed remarkable growth.

The number of towns falling under NWSC jurisdiction has surged from 23 to 268 and is expected to further expand to 350 by 2028. Moreover, the population benefiting from piped water services in NWSC areas has grown from 4.5 million to an impressive 18 million, with projections reaching 28 million by 2028.

Infrastructure Expansion and Financial Success

NWSC has also made substantial strides in infrastructure development. The pipe network length has risen from 5,073 kilometers to an astounding 22,000 kilometers, with plans to extend it to 32,000 kilometers by 2028.

The corporation’s annual turnover has experienced a remarkable increase from UGX 155 billion to UGX 519 billion and is projected to reach UGX 700 billion by 2028.

Assets under NWSC’s management have soared from UGX 650 billion to a remarkable UGX 4,100 billion, with ambitious plans to reach UGX 6,600 billion by 2028. These achievements reflect the exceptional performance of Dr. Mugisha and his management team.

A Vote of Confidence

Dr. Eng Silver Mugisha expressed gratitude for the reappointment, highlighting it as a vote of confidence in the utility’s management team. He assured customers and all Ugandans that the next five years would focus on accelerating service delivery across the country.

NWSC Calls for Continued Support

On behalf of the board, Eng. Dr. Kiggundu extended congratulations to Eng. Dr. Silver Mugisha on his reappointment and urged customers to continue supporting NWSC. The corporation aims to build on its past achievements and maintain its commitment to providing excellent water and sewerage services to the people of Uganda.