Kasaija Warns West Nile Not to Use Politics for Monetary Gain

Kasaija Warns the West Nile Not to Make Politics a Moneymaking Venture

Minister of Finance, Planning, and Economic Development, Matia Kasaija has urged West Nile leaders not to treat politics as a means to become rich. Bulaimu...
Museveni dvised the late Jacob Oulanyah to run for the Parliamentary Speakership position

President Museveni: If I Knew About Oulanyah’s Illness, He Would Not Have Become Speaker

Museveni has said if he had known that the late Jacob Oulanyah's health would be worrying, he would not have recommended him to run...
Ofwono Opondo on Why Owiny-Dollo Stated Things About the Kabaka

Ofwono Opondo on Why Owiny-Dollo Stated Things About the Kabaka

Ofwono Opondo, the government's spokesperson, said Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny-Dollo got carried away when he spoke disparagingly about the Buganda Kingdom and the Kabaka. Besigye...
nowthendigital.com__police oulanyah death speculators in uganda

Police Start Trolling Social Media for Oulanyah Death Speculators

Fred Enanga the police spokesperson said the Criminal Investigations Division headquarters at Kibuli have opened up a case file to embark on investigations into...
nowthendigital.com__Museveni refused to ringfence the Acholi speaker position (1)

Museveni: It Would Be a Mistake Ringfencing Oulanyah’s Position to Acholi Region

H.E Museveni explained that it would have been a mistake to select the replacement of the late Jacob Oulanyah from the same region of...
nowthendigital.com__Thomas Tayebwa mourns the death of grandmother (1)

Deputy Speaker Tayebwa Mourns the Death of His Grandmother

Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa has announced the death of his grandmother, who had long been battling illness. Thomas Tayebwa is the NRMs Candidate for Deputy...

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