Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

This Pregnancy Due Date Calculator will approximate all important pregnancy dates like conception date, first hear the beat, first move, end of the first trimester, end of the second trimester and of course due date.

If you are pregnant and want to figure out the approximate date where your little bundle of joy will be due, you don’t need to bother with calendars and numbers: simply use our pregnancy due date calculator and save yourself the trouble.

It is very simple and straightforward: input either the date of your last menstrual cycle and bam! You will know the rough date of your child’s birth. Human gestation takes roughly 38 or 40 weeks and it is difficult to know the exact date where a child was conceived so this date is only approximative.

Calculation by the date of your last period

Our wonderful pregnancy due date calculator by ovulation can not only calculate the approximate due date of your baby, however. By calculating your due date we can also know the rough date when you will be able to take an accurate pregnancy test, how far along in your pregnancy you are, when your first and second trimester will end and when will you be able to hear your baby’s heartbeat!

Fun facts about your child, too

We will also give you more information about our baby in the form of fun facts: how big your child is right now, how your hormones are interacting with each other, and how developed your baby is.

All in all!

All in all, if you were looking for a pregnancy due date calculator by weeks, our PDDC WebMD is the best there is. Just from the date of your last period, we can easily tell you how far along you are, when will you get to experience each stage, how big your fetus is and how well developed they are and, of course, your due date.

Use our pregnancy due date calculator wheel and you will have no doubts about your pregnancy anymore.