Enanga Police Stick to 20 People for Kwanjula
Fred Enanga the police spokesperson.

Enanga‌ ‌says, “If you cannot have 20 people in your kwanjula, don’t do it because you will be embarrassed. We will also make sure that only 20 people are permitted‌ ‌at‌ ‌burials.”

The Police has urged the general public to comply and abide by all the new directives that were issued by President Museveni as a strategy to culminate the spread of the COVID-19.

Among other directives, President Museveni Sunday banned all inter-district movements, school activities, communal prayers in churches and mosques for the next 42 days.

The president also suspended public, cultural gatherings and conferences for the same number of days. 

On marriage ceremonies, burials and all social gatherings, Museveni said these will only be allowed a maximum of 20 people under strict observance of Standard Operating Procedures. 

With worries that a big section of Ugandans might defy these measures, the police have warned that they will not take lightly any violators.

While addressing journalists on Monday, Fred Enanga the police spokesperson in particular reminded those preparing to stage wedding-related events that the police will bounce attendees as long as the number is not respected.

“This time those who are intending to disregard the SOPs and presidential directive will face the consequences. We are still waiting for the structure of fines for violating COVID-19 SOPs from the Ministry of Finance for enforcement,” Enanga said.

“If you can’t have 20 people in your kwanjula, don’t do it because you will be very embarrassed. We will ensure that also only 20 people are allowed at burials.”

Going further, Enanga said they are going to be tough on boda bodas that operate past 6 pm. He said they are also going to be very vigilant on all the issues the president talked about to ensure no section is defiant.

In schools, the police spokesperson noted that they are going to record the headteachers that have not followed the rule of closure and have them held accountable for fines in addition to other penalties.

“As soon as we get the fine structure from the Ministry of Finance, we start on working. We are going to be very serious with boda bodas. Any boda boda that will be found carrying more than one passenger or carrying a passenger beyond 6:00 pm, will clamped immediately,” Enanga noted.

“Cargo trucks will only have two people. Any excess person will be forced to disembark, and the driver will be fined heavily. We are going to monitor the ambulances and security vehicles to see that they don’t abuse their positions and carry excess people. Food markets will operate, but we will ensure that they observe SOPs. You remember we closed those that didn’t observe SOPs.”

Meanwhile, the president on Sunday noted that unlike in the past where all violators and defiers have been arrested and taken to prisons, this time any defiant individual will be stressed to monetary fines.

“Violation of these measures will lead to fines. Instead of arresting people and filling jails, this time you will have to pay. Why do we waste time with arresting these people? The Secretary for treasury will issue a statutory instrument and when you violate you are fined,” Museveni said on Sunday.