Kampala Traffic police officers
Over 200 Kampala Traffic police officers receive advanced training in first aid delivery. Photo/Nile Post

Kampala Traffic police officers receive training in first aid administration to reduce the rate of road accident deaths in the country

200 Kampala Traffic police officers yesterday 11th received hands-on skills on how to offer first aid to road accidents victims, to reduce the number of deaths occurring as a result of road accidents.

Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander, Norman Musinga, says they are working hand in hand with Red Cross Society Uganda to come up with strategies on how to handle emergencies, and offer first aid to road accident victims, to reduce on the death rates.

“People have been shouting, crying why People are dying why? Why? Why people are dying. So, as traffic police, we have designed strategies on how we can reduce these fatalities on the road. And among others, one of the strategies is to partner with the red cross Uganda, to train with us on very many areas of concerns as we have told you, and more in particular with issues concerning about emergency response, and even issues concerning about first aid,” Musinga said.

Musinga says many people lose lives in the event of an accident, yet they would have not died if at all they received a first aid treatment and handled rightfully.

“And when we go into deeper, when we talk about first aid, how do you handle victims? In one way or the other people would have not died, but because of the way we are handling them. In the event of an accident, sometimes you find someone dying, yet that person wouldn’t have died.”

“First we want to encounter how they can manage scenes, how they can work on safety because we have had traffic officers dying on the roads, and how they can work on the safety of patient found in casualties,” Musinga said.

However, Musinga adds that the training was also intended to remind traffic officers of their roles and responsibilities at accident scenes, because most of them don’t know what to do, in case an accident has occurred.

“You find a commander who does not know what to do at an accident scene. You see the dead victims are mixed up with the injured after an accident, but the commander is watching. We want to have them trained to also participate in giving first aid in case of an accident, other than ordering their juniors,” Musinga added.

Nonetheless, Miti Lwanga, the officer in charge of commercial first aid and ambulance at Uganda Red Cross Society, said that many accident victims lose lives over issues like over bleeding, which could have been dealt with and a life is saved.

“Many accident victims died of over bleeding, yet, traffic officers who are the first responders can use their handkerchiefs and their belts to stop the blood. This training will help equip them with skills to manage the same,” said Lwanga.

More to that, Lwanga said that traffic officers need the first aid administration training, because they don’t know what to do in such a situation, yet, they are the first people to arrive at the scene of an accident.

“Officers arrive! But don’t know whom to call for assistance. With this training, we want to give them skills that can help save the accident victims. We want to teach them how to give first aid.”

The training of traffic Police Officers began in Kampala Metropolitan Police area after it will be extended to other regions across the country.

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Research findings by the School of Public Health, Makerere University, about 9,000 people die as a result of road accidents in Uganda annually, higher than the number declared by Police.