coronavirus patients discharged Mulago
4 more coronavirus patients discharged from Mulago Hospital. FILE PHOTO

4 more coronavirus patients discharged in Uganda, bringing the total number of recovered to 12

Mulago National Referral Hospital yesterday 15 April 15, 2020, discharged 4 of its patients after full recovery from the deadly Coronavirus disease COVID-19

The 4 patients had completed their 21 days treatment and among them included the eight months baby from Iganga whose father had travelled to Kisumu- Kenya.

The 4 patients were part of the 23 coronavirus patients that Mulago hospital has been managing and now the hospital is left with 19 cases. 

According to Mulago Hospital, they expect to discharge more 6 patients by the end of this week, whose samples have been drawn by the Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI).

“We are happy to discharge 4 of the 23 patients. Now on discharge, we have arrangements to open up a clinic where we will follow-up these patients because you never know some studies have shown where these people have turned positive again, but of course, as we discharge them we caution them, they continue to observe all the other preventive measures to avoid either reinfection or maybe turning positive and re-infecting the others,” Dr Rosemary Byanyima, the Deputy Executive Director Mulago Hospital said.

Dr Byarugaba Baterana, Mulago Hospital Executive Director says amidst the global challenges, Uganda needs to flatten its infection curve, if all the cases are to be managed effectively. 

He says currently they have a limited number of ventilators and temperatures guns and if the cases rise, they may fail to offer effective treatment to patients.

“If the cases are too many, of course, they will overwhelm us. Why? Because the numbers of ventilators that we’ve in the hospital, the number of the monitors we’ve in the hospital are not enough if we’ve for example a thousand patients,” Baterana noted.

Dr Baterana adds that the pandemic has provided lessons to them that need attention to improve the health sector to be able to deal with huge numbers of cases in case it happens.

“The time now is to prepare, so that should we have bigger numbers in future, we should be able to manage them,” Baterana said.

The additional 4 discharged patients now bring the total number of recoveries in Uganda to 12, no death with 55 cases.

Global updates

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Countries with the highest cases in East Africa

  1. Kenya has 225 cases, 10 deaths and 54 recoveries
  2. DRC has 254 cases, 21 deaths and 21 recoveries
  3. Rwanda has 136 cases, no death and 54 recoveries.
  4. Congo has 117 cases, 5 deaths and 11 recoveries.
  5. Tanzania has 88 cases, 4 deaths and 11 recoveries
  6. Ethiopia has 85 cases, 3 deaths and 15 recoveries
  7. Somalia has 80 cases, 5 deaths and 2 recoveries

Globally, the USA has the highest number of cases and death, 644,348 cases, deaths 28,554 and 48,708 recoveries