outbreak of Coronavirus in Africa
5 Countries in Africa where coronavirus cases have been confirmed. File Photo

COVID-19 cases rise across the world, with 5 Countries in Africa having confirmed coronavirus cases

The 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), officially named as Covid-19 by the World Health Organization (WHO), has spread to 86 more countries, 5 from Africa apart from China alarming public health authorities across the world.

A total of 98,373, including 80,667 in Mainland China, 105 in Hong Kong, and 10 in Macau, 1 in Afghanistan, Algeria 17, Andorra 1, Argentina 1, Armenia 1, Australia 52, Austria 29, Azerbaijan 3, Bahrain 52, Belarus 6, Belgium 23, Bosnia 2, brazil 4, Cambodia 1, Canada 34, Croatia 10, Czech Republic 8, Denmark 10, Dominican Republic 1, Ecuador 10, Egypt 3.

Egypt health officials reported its first confirmed case of the coronavirus on February 14; it is the first known case in Africa.

Estonia 2, Finland 7, France 285, German 3, German 349, Greece 10, Hungary 2, Iceland 26, India 29, Indonesia 2, Iran 3,513, Iraq 36, Iceland 6, Israel 15, Italy 3,089, Japan 706, Jordan 1, Kuwait 56, Latvia 1, Lebanon 13, Lithuania 1, Luxembourg 1, Malaysia 50, Mexico 5, Monaco 1, morocco 1, Nepal 1, the Netherlands 86, New Zealand 3, Nigeria 1, North Macedonia 1, Norway 56, Oman 15, Pakistan 5, Palestine 7, the Philippines 5, Poland 1, Portugal 5, Qatar 8, Romania 4, Russia 5, san Marino 16, Saudi Arabia 2, Senegal 4, Singapore 110, Slovenia 1, South Africa 1, South Korea 5,766, Spain 222, Sri Lanka 1, Sweden 52, Switzerland 90, Taiwan 42, Thailand 47, Tunisia 1, Ukraine 1, united Arab Emirates 28, united Kingdom 90, united States 159, the cases in the US include those evacuated from the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan.

Ukraine 1, the first case of coronavirus was confirmed in Ukraine on March 3 after a man arriving from Italy via Romania tested positive, Vietnam 16. These are so far confirmed cases of novel coronavirus infections around the world.

outbreak of Coronavirus in Africa
5 Countries in Africa where coronavirus cases have been confirmed. File Photo

Globally, 3,383 deaths have so far been reported that’ 3,043 in China, according to China’s National Health Commission, 148 in Italy, 107 in Iran, 42, in South Korea, 12 in Japan, 12 in the US, 7 in France, 3 in Spain, 2 in Australia, 77 in Iraq, and 1 each in the Philippines, Switzerland, UK, San Marino, Thailand, and Taiwan as of 06 March 2020.

Covid-19, the disease caused by the new Coronavirus is much deadlier than the seasonal flu, but may not transmit as easily, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) officials.

In a statement released on Tuesday 3rd, March 2020, by the Director-General WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus at a news conference in Geneva, revealed that 3.4 per cent of the reported Covid-19 cases globally have died.

WHO experts say that when more is known about the epidemic, the death rate will be considerably lower.

As the virus continues to spread fast in Europe, Italy is the country outside China that has reported the highest number of deaths, as the world steps up efforts to tackle COVID-19.

On Thursday alone, Italy reported 41 deaths from Coronavirus, bringing the death toll to 148, the second-highest outside of China, where just over 3,000 people have died since the outbreak began in December 2019.

The virus has reached all 22 regions of Italy, and prompted Rome to take unprecedented measures, including suspending all schools and universities and unveiling an $8.4bn rescue plan.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom reported its first death from Coronavirus on Thursday 5th, March, 2020, an elderly person with underlying health conditions, while Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and South Africa reported their first cases as well.

Palestinian government confirmed the number of Coronavirus cases in the occupied West Bank had risen to seven and declared a two-week ban on tourists visiting the cities including Bethlehem’s Church of the Nativity.

The health ministry said the cases had been confirmed in the Bethlehem area South of Jerusalem and are now receiving treatment in quarantine.

In the United States, Congress has voted for an $8.3bn emergency funding package to address the Coronavirus crisis as the death toll rose to 12, and infections spreading to at least 14 States.

US Vice President, Mike Pence said the US does not yet have Coronavirus tests to meet anticipated demands. However, he adds that the Coast Guard has delivered tests to a cruise ship off the coast of California.

“We don’t have enough tests today to meet what we anticipate the demand going forward,” Pence said during a visit to Minnesota.

“As more American take an interest in this or have concerns about this, we want to make sure they have access to the Coronavirus test as well and we’ve made real progress on that in the last several days.”

The Paris marathon has been postponed from April 5 to October 18 due to the Coronavirus outbreak, organizers said on Thursday.

“In order to avoid a late cancellation that would penalize the participants, we have, in agreement with the Paris mayor’s office, decided to postpone the Paris marathon to Oct.18,” Amaury Sports Organization (ASO) said in a statement.

China Coronavirus deaths exceeds 3,000, on Wednesday 4th, it reported 139 new cases compared with 119 the day before. That brings the total number of cases on the mainland to 80,667.

The number of deaths rose to 3,042 after an additional 31 people died from the illness.

Following the report, Uganda which has not yet reported any Coronavirus case remains at risk and this has triggered the intense sensitization of health workers and the public to see that the virus is contained.

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus in Africa and the world, Uganda has isolated over 700 travellers including Ugandans, Chinese and other nationals in a bid to contain the virus, but where declared free from the virus.