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get a movie on Netflix

Discover how to get a movie on Netflix in this piece. An increasing number of people now spend a significant amount of time viewing films and TV series on Netflix.

The streaming business has prospered over the years, and it is currently the top Video on Demand (VOD) website in the entire world. Over 250 million people throughout the world are currently subscribers.

These Netflix subscribers can view films and TV shows online without being interrupted by ads. It provides users with access to both films and TV episodes.

The most popular subgenres include thriller, sci-fi/fantasy, romance, comedy, action, and adventure.

Additionally, Netflix offers stand-up comedy specials from comics like Hasan Minhaj or Dave Chappelle in addition to “kids & family” programming.

Here’s how you can successfully get a movie on Netflix

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How to get a movie on Netflix 

Given the publicity that Netflix has received, you might want to consider releasing your film there. We’ll show you how.

If you want to reach more people, obtain more views, and earn more money, you might want to get it onto the Netflix platform, especially if you’re an independent filmmaker.

No worries if you’re clueless as to what to do or what actions to take, we have everything you need. 

Methods For Getting Your Film On Netflix.

You have a wide range of choices on how to get your Netflix movie streaming. Some will work or won’t work for you, and some work better than others.

However, if you use one of these methods, you may see your chosen movie approved to be on Netflix without too much trouble.

Pitch your movie to Netflix

Although this approach is intimidating, it is a choice. Sincerity be damned, your odds of success are slim, but you never know. Also, nothing is impossibly difficult.

Well, some producers have successfully pitched to Netflix buyers directly. At least now we can see that it does indeed work. They were successful in getting what they desired, and you can do the same.

There is just one way to communicate with someone at Netflix, and that is by email. Continue approaching Netflix if they reject your proposition. Trial and error is the key to success. You could be fortunate the next time.

Utilize An Aggregator

Because it’s a huge company, Netflix hardly ever has time to interact with individual film producers.

The number of independent producers vying for a spot on Netflix is large, and if the streaming service attends each one separately, it will take a lot of time and effort.

Netflix collaborates with aggregators to make it simpler. On behalf of the independent producers, these aggregators often meet with Netflix buyers to pitch films. Your movie will be received, perhaps repaired, packaged, and sent to Netflix.

Please note that each aggregator charges in a unique way. Some impose a flat fee, some impose a set percentage of the earnings made, and some impose both. The good news is you’ll still have 100% rights to your movie and this includes profits.

Consider Working With An Agent

Agents are experts in this industry and have established credibility.

They provide you with advice on how to improve your pitch and make it stand out from the competition. They often meet with Netflix purchasers, much like aggregators do. Additionally, agents regularly provide published notes with advice on what Netflix wants.

You can get your movie on Netflix if you collaborate with them.

Collaborate with a well-known actor/Producer

However, if you want your movie to appear on Netflix more quickly, you should collaborate with a well-known actor or producer.

Due to their greater credibility, Netflix will probably give them some thought. By collaborating with them, you will advance quickly.


The techniques to get your movie on Netflix have all been shown to you. Some of them are better than others, and you should consider giving them a try. What’s a constant though is that they all work.

Avoid attempting to appear clever by employing some unconventional or creative techniques because you will fail at it. You could believe it could work, but it won’t.

Use only legal ways because Netflix will work with you only through those. 

One more thing, keep trying even after the first failed attempt. Someone’s it takes more than just one try for Netflix to finally consider giving your movie a chance.