Agnes Nandutu Returns to Parliament After a Blood Clot Scare
Nandutu, a member of Parliament for Bududa, confirmed that she had blood clot, but also denied that she fell in the bathroom.

A few weeks after she was diagnosed with a blood clot, Agnes Nandutu, MP for Bududa Woman, and state minister for Karamoja affairs, returned to Parliament.

Agnes Nandutu, state minister for Karamoja Affairs and MP for Bududa Woman, returned to Parliament shortly after being diagnosed with a blood clot.

For several weeks now, a number of reports have been indicating that the legislator had been admitted to the hospital after she reportedly fell in her bathroom.

Social media reports also said earlier this month that she was in a critical condition, although she rubbished these allegations in a video.

The allegations were also confirmed by Julius Mucunguzi the head and advisor of Communications at the Office of the Prime Minister who revealed that on 28th April 2022, Nandutu was rushed to a hospital as she was involved in an accident that resulted in blood clotting

He claimed then that the MP suddenly fell in the bathroom and sustained internal injuries but that she had received intensive treatment.

Speaking on her return to Parliament, Nandutu who is the Bududa Woman MP confirmed that she had been diagnosed with a blood clot but said she did not fall in the bathroom as claimed.

“I want to clarify that I did not fall in the bathroom. I just felt dizziness and on diagnosis, I was found with a blood clot in one of my lungs, which was treated,” Nandutu said.

In addition, she commended the doctors at Mulago saying that they were able to locate where the clot was and also managed to treat it.

Nandutu also thanked the health minister Jane Ruth Aceng, and Speaker Anita Among who she said played a big part in ensuring she gets back to her feet.

“Am back, fresh and reloaded to serve my people of Bududa, Karamoja and Uganda at large. Kudos to the Minister of Health, Director Mulago Hospital and the entire medical for saving my life. Mulago has capacity to hand all situations. To all Ugandans, thank you for the love.”

“Blood clot in the lungs is not something easy, but the doctors did their best and found it, treated me and I am now fine and fresh. I am back and ready to perform my duties. I am alive, I will not die and my fellow Members of Parliament I urged you to go for check ups to know your health stand,” Nandutu added.