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This article by Flash Uganda Media includes a step-by-step guide to buying Airtel chillax bundles. FILE PHOTO

Airtel Chillax Bundles do not expire once they’ve been subscribed to until they’ve been consumed.

Airtel Chillax Bundles don’t expire once they’ve been subscribed to until they’ve been used up. 

With the introduction of these bundles, Airtel customers now have more alternatives for enjoying fast and uninterrupted data services in Uganda. 

Airtel Chillax Bundles represent the latest breakthrough in internet data that never expires until you use it completely. 

Airtel Chillax Bundles are now available as a new type of internet data package that never expires until the consumer has used up all of their data. 

Airtel Chillax bundles are the result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has compelled users to spend more time online than ever before. 

On the internet, user behaviour has switched from leisure to work, with virtual workplace tools outnumbering social networking sites.

The concept of non-expiring data bundles is new in Uganda. Airtel chillax bundles are available in five different packages, with the cheapest offering 1.5GB of data for 7500UGX and the most costly offering 40GB for 100,000UGX. 

Keep in mind that these bundles will only function if you have a 4GB-capable sim card, which you can get from any Airtel service centre in the country.

How to Activate Airtel Chillax Bundles in Uganda

Purchasing Airtel chillax bundles is as simple as purchasing any other bundle. You can utilize the myAirtel smartphone app or the USSD choices. 

This article by Flash Uganda Media contains a step-by-step guide to purchasing Airtel chillax bundles.

There are no restrictions on how customers can purchase and load Airtel Chillax data bundles. Customers can load bundles using the Airtel Uganda *175# data bundles shortcode or the myAirtel App, where they can pay with airtime or airtel money. 

However, shortcodes make it easy to load the new data bundles, and here’s how to buy an airtel chillax data bundle that never expires.

To use the USSD option, dial *175#, which is Airtel’s standard option for purchasing internet data.

Select Airtel Chillax bundles option 7 and pick one of the first three selections.

Purchase the bundle with Airtime or Airtel Mobile Money and enjoy a new type of data that won’t expire until you’ve used it all up.

When you decide to use the MyAirtel application. Open the app, click Buy Bundles, enter the phone number for which you are paying data, then scroll down to Chillax data bundles to choose the package you want to buy.