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Airtel Money Pay transactions are immediate, and both the merchant and the consumer receive SMS confirmations.

Through Airtel Money Pay, customers can make purchases instead of exchanging cash using Airtel Uganda mobile money.

A new service called Airtel Money Pay enables customers to make purchases using Airtel Uganda mobile money rather than exchanging cash. 

By using a text message (also known as an “e-receipt”) sent to both the subscriber and the provider of the commodity or service, the service enables both parties to instantly validate these proximity payments.

The customer does not pay anything to use Airtel Money Pay. Up to 300 million can be stored in an Airtel Money Pay merchant wallet. 

Airtel Money Pay limits the expenses and risks of using cash, such as robberies and theft. Transactions with Airtel Money Pay happen quickly, securely, and instantly.

How Airtel Money Pay Works

Customers of Airtel Money can now use their phones to make payments to merchants using the following methods once the merchant has been given a merchant ID or QR code:


Users of the My Airtel app can scan QR codes placed at retail locations to access merchant details, which are then presented on the app’s subscriber interface and prompt users to enter payment amounts and their Airtel Money PIN.


Subscribers to Airtel Money can pay a merchant by using the *185*9# USSD code, which prompts users to enter the merchant ID, the amount to be paid, and their PIN number. 

The subscriber may additionally enter additional transaction-related information, such as the invoice number and the intended use among others.

The user needs to just enter their PIN to finish the payment procedure; retailers can also start transactions on their SIM menu.

What is the cost of using this Airtel service?

While transferring Airtel Money is not free, using Airtel Money Pay to purchase products and services is free for the customer or subscriber.

The subscriber is not charged for any Airtel Money Pay transactions. However, businesses will pay Airtel a small charge to handle the payment.

How to join Airtel Money Pay as a Merchant?

Any company that allows customers to pay using Airtel Money for their products and services is considered a merchant. 

Potential customers include our nearby duukas, pharmacies, supermarkets, bars, and restaurants.

One must be engaged in a lawful business, provide the requisite papers, and fill out the merchant application form in order to become a merchant. 

Airtel assigns merchant numbers and Quick Response (QR) Codes after a successful application, and these are displayed at the merchant outlets.

How do merchants receive their cash?

The money can be accessed by merchants by pushing it to their bank accounts using their phone’s merchant mobile menu or by setting up a standing order with Airtel to send money to their selected bank.

Merchants can also dial *185*2# from their merchant phone and enter an amount and PIN to access money through the agent. 

The agent will then enter the merchant, secret code, and PIN after dialling *185*3# and choosing merchant dispersion.

Transactions made with Airtel Money Pay are immediate, and both the consumer and the merchant receive an SMS with details about the transaction.