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Airtel Uganda SIM-less eSIM card

Airtel Uganda, a leading telecommunications provider in Uganda, has announced the introduction of eSIM (embedded SIM) technology. The digital SIM enables customers to access the same functionality as those using a physical SIM card.

This new technology offers several benefits over the traditional SIM cards, as it is quick and simple to set up online.

eSIM Technology in East Africa

In East Africa, Safaricom Kenya, Airtel Tanzania, Airtel Kenya, and other carriers already support eSIM services.

The eSIM offers numerous advantages as it is planet-friendly (plastic-free/zero carbon emission), and provides an easy extra line as you can use two numbers without needing two phones/handsets.

According to Joweria Zziwa Nabakka, Airtel Uganda’s Head of Data, Devices, and New Product Development, “You no longer need to fear damaging or losing your SIM card. If you are a frequent traveler, you will find the eSIM very convenient for switching network operators at a much easier rate.”

Airtel Uganda’s Managing Director, Manoj Murali, stated, “With the introduction of eSIM in Uganda, Airtel continues to stay ahead of the curve where innovation is concerned by giving customers much convenience and flexibility while championing technological advancement and creating innovative platforms and opportunities that will make life simple.”

Convenience and Sustainability

Airtel Uganda’s eSIM supports 2G, 3G, and 4G-LTE technology, and customers who wish to switch their current physical SIM cards to eSIMs will need a compatible device by dialing *#06#, obtaining the required QR code, and a valid National ID. An Airtel service personnel will guide them through the SIM Swap process.

“Customer expectations are changing, and we are confident that our customers will quickly move to our eSIM for what it delivers. Mobile users reward digital convenience, therefore, as a business, we shall continue enabling digital transformation to deliver the full customer experience,” said Joweria Zziwa Nabakka.

To get an eSIM, customers can visit any Airtel shop, and the team will walk them through the process of setting up their eSIM using the QR code.

Airtel Uganda continues to introduce exciting new products and services for its customers, ensuring seamless and affordable services to all while championing environmental sustainability.