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Who is Andrew Kyamagero?

Who is Andrew KyamageroFlash Uganda Media looks at his biography, wife, TV career, Early life, Education and Background of Omuntu Wawansi.

Andrew Kyamagero aka Omuntu Wawansi is a Ugandan journalist, News Anchor who has been in practice for over 10 years. He’s currently working with NTV Uganda.

Kyamagero is best known for his unique abundant skills while anchoring news stories and presentation particularly talks shows which have made him steadfast and versatile in the media industry.

To many, Kyamagero is a voice to the voiceless best known for upholding common man’s views. He has a mission to hear and report the human stories that were otherwise ignored, left out and covers events with balance and integrity.

Kyamagero points out that in his line of work, a story that amplifies Omuntu Wawansi delights him very much. The most touching stories he has seen was about their plight; the lack of timely medical attention. “For me, Health is a critical priority.”

His fans credit the passion he portrays while anchoring news but for Kyamagero it’s not a big deal but rather an opportunity to represent people and serve the nation. To fully integrate what Kyamagero calls Omuntu Wawansi Initiative, he inspires people to change their lives and transform their lives and others around them for better.

In doing this, Kyamagero had a visit to Home of Hope, a Charity Organisation in Jinja. To the children he interacted with, it was an exciting moment seeing a familiar face yet for the celebrated journalist, there was unspoken heartbreak as they shared touching stories. 

The visit to Jinja was thanks to his friends and Swangz Producer, Vincent Musisi who interested him in joining the charity group.

There’s a visible pattern in the people Kyamagero calls friends. Many of his friends value what he values particularly the family unit. If he meets someone who values their children and spouse, it is a connection. He subscribes to a notion that a nation is built from a family unit.

“If you don’t have a family unit, you don’t have a support structure. And I don’t mean someone married. If someone respects and supports their parents or guardians that are a support structure.” 

As a parent, Kyamagero and his wife Linda, are mentoring and nurturing their children into respected and cultured citizens.

“We tell our son how we operate as Baganda, first, and as Africans. If you are a man, you don’t wait, you find solutions. I tell him that people are going to challenge him because of the colour of his skin. It is this confidence I am building right now that will enable him stand tall.” 

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Kyamagero notes that the fibre of Buganda culture is important in building confidence and esteem in children. When leaving home, he tells and empowers his son with the regime.

“I give him money and tell him that I have gone to work but while I am away, it is your responsibility to take care of the household.”

He argues that in case he leaves this life, his son will be empowered enough to take care of his mother and siblings. Taking advantage of the digital age, Kyamagero embraced platforms like the KunTa channel which make African animations that tell Continental stories. He has also subscribed the Riddle App where he gets riddles from Bunyoro-Kitara and shares them with his children.

andrew kyamagero ntv
He’s currently working with NTV Uganda.

Kyamagero has a sneering sense of humour, intelligent and relaxed. While executing his duties, he likes holding people accountable particularly leaders. With this, he attracted a wider following and viewership.

The NTV News Anchor is very articulate and generally a jolly person. The very first thing that will first strike you when interacting with him is his smile and laughter. 

Before joining journalism, Kyamagero used to provide commentary for corporate films, working as the announcer for Lesotho E-Visa customer care voice promoter. 

His ability to present, as well as moderate talk shows, influence opinions digitally (Online), is testimony to a complete package and an unquestionable bargain in today’s media landscape. 

Andrew won the best English News anchor in the Uganda Radio, TV awards. He is Uganda’s latest cutting edge Mcee (Master of Ceremony) explaining his diversity in hosting many of the high-end events in the land.

Early Life and Education

Andrew Kyamagero was born to John Ssebowa and Rose Kirabo Nantongo. He is the last born to a family of only boys and prefers to stay silent about his age. 

Kyamagero attended Homisdallen Primary School then Kirinya Church of Uganda Primary School Bweyogerere where he sat his Primary Leaving Examination (PLE).  

After Kyamagero joined Busoga College Mwiri but he only attended school for one term and left. Kyamagero narrates that he left the school after one term because he was being subjected to cultures which contend with his Christians values.

“There were issues of boy-boy something and I did not like it. I am from a Christian background and I told my dad it was wrong.”

He then went to Ntbetebe St John’s in Bweyogerere where he completed his O’ Level class then Bethel Covenant College in Bwebajja for his A’ Level education. Kyamagero proceeded with school joining Westminster from where he obtained a theology degree.

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Soon after his theology degree, Kyamagero joined Kampala University and studied Mass-Communication and today he’s one of the sounding journalists Uganda has.

“I was ordained, but I don’t practice. It was boring. Like I said, I naturally love to interact with people in a more relaxed way. When I came back, I told my dad, “Here are your papers,” then I enrolled for mine. I pursued a degree in Mass Communication at Kampala University and here I am.”

kyamagero and wife
Kyamagero is married to Linda Ndagire.

Work and Experience

Andrew Kyamagero was raised to be a pastor by his father but he later turned down his father’s ambitions and chose to do journalism. 

He is a co-host of the morning show dubbed “Morning Saga; Akasambattuko” on Galaxy FM including some other related media projects. But to be specific, Kyamagero’s entire career has been radio work and his second job.

Before joining Radio Kyamagero sold juice that was during his senior six vacations. 

“Well my dad wanted me to be a pastor, but I was honest with him (joking). I told him you will have to deal with so many pregnancies, because ndi muntu (I’m human) (That poor dad!)”

From his point of view, women are emotional and men are rational. “Now, imagine me being a pastor and I have to meet around five women daily…they come with challenges and you are their source of hope. Because they know you have the ear to listen, they trust that you will help them and over time before you know it….”

Andrew Kyamagero is also an English news anchor on NTV Uganda based at Serena Conference Centre, a brand of Nation Media Group.

Family & Wedding

Andrew Kyamagero is married to Linda Ndagire and together they are blessed with an adorable family. He married his wife in a colourful traditional ceremony in 2019 at her parents’ home in Luweero. 

Many people in the entertainment including comedians like Madrat and Chiko escorted him to the event and lighted up the ceremony.

The two first cohabited before their marriage ceremony, Kyamagero says they needed to give it time and take it slow, “We don’t need to rush because we are not going anywhere.”

About his wife, Ndagire Kyamagero says she is an introvert, extremely quiet and she is his shock absorber. “I am a bumpy-humpy guy, I meet so many people, hug my female friends and when they call me, I answer with “Baibe’, but she knows me.”

“Kyamagero argues that their relationship is based not only on love, because love fluctuates but they choose to go with the ideology of understanding. So, when he meets people and hugs them deeply, his wife knows it means nothing.”

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Equally, Kyamagero says if Ndagire was the one hugging her male friends the way he does, he would understand because he’s liberal-minded. “It could be a friend that she studied with and he lives in France and wants to peck her on the lips; hey, I know this is Uganda but I wouldn’t be confrontational.” 

“Man, with the work I do if you are not understanding you can’t hold a marriage. It takes a lot of trust, endurance and praying, because if you don’t pray, man, the girls in Kampala are serious! Man, if they want you, they will walk up to you and tell you they want you. So, if you want to go for a simple ride, be on their to-do list and you will be done.

And I don’t want to be on that kind of list….the diseases we have in Kampala! Gosh, I hate taking tablets. For me, it just doesn’t work.”

At home, Kyamagero loves washing utensils and bathing the children and sometimes he cooks a meal for the family. That’s when macaroni and rice will be a culinary treat.

By 5 am, Andrew Kyamagero’s day starts, it begins with a gym session which usually goes up to 6:30 am and by 7:30 am, he is set for the business meetings that he usually has either on Skype or Zoom and at 9 am, he leaves for his official duties.

kyamagero introduction ceremony
He married his wife in a colourful traditional ceremony in 2019.

Interests and hobbies

Kyamagero loves travelling around the country. He is a familiar events emcee and on an average day, Kyamagero takes a ride in his Honda. Without his Honda, he says he would get stuck.

Worst moment

It was in 2014 when Andrew Kyamagero lost his daughter

“I love daughters a lot. It was such a dark week for me. First on Monday I received a call and someone tells me a piece of land I had bought in Luweero was actually not mine; that I had been conned. I tried looking for the guy who sold it to me and he was nowhere. I had 34 pigs on that land; so, I asked for some time to fix the situation.” 

“The following morning, I was informed that they had all been poisoned to death. I played it cool and the following day while I was having a breather, my wife called me to say our daughter was dead. It is from that week that I developed a sense of gratitude. To be grateful for the little I have. It was challenging, especially for my wife and I found on rejuvenating her. I prayed for her, I interceded and we came back to life.”