Minister Mukwaya on spot over missing body parts
Parliament puts Minister Mukwaya on spot over missing body parts of Ugandan workers. File Photo

Minister Mukwaya tasked to explain circumstances under which Ugandan workers die in the Arab World

Minister for Gender, Labour and Social Development Hajjat Janat Mukwaya yesterday in the Tuesday parliamentary sitting chaired by Speaker Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga was tasked to explain why Ugandan die in the Arab World where they had gone to seek greener pastures. 

Member of Parliament say out of the six bodies returned from the Arab World some of them had body parties missing.

So in this case, they wanted Minister Mukwaya to explain circumstances under which these six Ugandan lost their lives.

Peter Mugema Panadol, Iganga Municipality legislator who was the first to raise a matter of National Importance before the plenary, said that he received with grief the body of one of the girls in his Municipality with body parts missing and according to him some of the companies must be dealing in Human fresh.

He, however, wanted an explanation from Minister Mukwaya how these Ugandans go there to the extent of losing their lives in these Arab countries.

“I beg the Hon Minister to compel Shukran Company, it’s called Shukran Habib to give us a detailed account of really what our people normally go and do at that place because there’s a possibility that those companies are dealing in Human fresh,” Panadol said.

With clear evidence, Panadol tabled documents before parliament indicating how some bodies were returned without some body parts. For instance, Joy Kisakye one from his Municipality had missing breast and other parts of her body.

“But on the examination of the dead body when we received it from Entebbe, it had burns all over it. The head had been shuttered, one of the breasts had been taken, even what women normally possess a lot, it had been removed. They had even opened I think the whole of the human being and I think some of the parts had been taken,” Panadol stated.

However, when minister Mukwaya rose up to explain the circumstances under which some Ugandans lost their lives while abroad she was intercepted by the angry legislators after she mentioned that even in Uganda when carrying out a post-mortem test, the body is opened up.

“Normally even in Uganda when you do a post-mortem you open up the body to get what’s inside,” said Mukwaya.

Panadol responding to minister Mukwaya’s statement said that her statement is false and a cover-up because that’s not how a post-mortem examination is done based on his medical background and information.

Legislators also said that according to the information from the deceased relatives, they had spoken to the relatives in Kuwait and they were not complaining of any sickness until when they could not speak to them, and eventually it was sad news that they had passed on. 

In their view, there’s something fishy taking place against Ugandans working in the Arab World.

According to them, Ugandans cannot just be dying like that, there must be a bigger problem of which if not addressed, no one will ever forgive them.