Museveni Late Archbishop Lwanga postmortem report
President Museveni raised complaints that he is not convinced with the doctor's postmortem report about the cause of Archbishop Lwanga’s death.

Museveni has asked doctors to provide more details concerning the death of the Archbishop of Kampala, Dr Cyprian Lwanga.

Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni has tasked doctors to provide more detailed information concerning the death of the Kampala Archbishop, Dr Cyprian Lwanga.

Cyprian Lwanga was reported dead on Saturday last week however, a postmortem report from the doctors on Monday indicated that he succumbed to an Ischemic heart disease that kills within a space of three to five minutes.

While reading out a statement to mourners in the cross-shaped Rubaga Cathedral in Kampala, Dr Ssekitoleko- who also was the first doctor at the death scene revealed that the heart condition happened due to a blood clot that was found inside the deceased’s body artery that supplies blood to the heart.

“This means a heart attack that is due to a blood clot that was found inside the artery that supplies blood to the heart. When I found His Grace (Dr Lwanga), there was no sign that he had struggled,” Dr Andrew Ssekitoleko said.

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However, during a eulogizing gathering held at the Kololo grounds on Tuesday morning, President Museveni raised complaints that he is not convinced with the doctor’s postmortem report about the cause of Archbishop Lwanga’s death.

Museveni said on notable he has been hearing reports from doctors about many people’s death but on several occasions they are unconvincing. 

He said the time has come for doctors to start explaining in detail and clarity on any scientific issue.

“It was a shock when I heard that he had died. I inquired then spoke to the police surgeon who was involved in the post-mortem. I think these doctors at a time must start explaining to the audience. I am told the condition that killed him is well known. I asked my doctor (Diana) Atwine that if the condition is well known, what do you do about it,” Museveni questioned.

“Although we say that God has called us, I want our people to stay here as long as possible. Doctors should explain in detail some of these things. There is what they call the ECG (electrocardiogram) test.It may see muscles of the heart but may not see properly where fats block the heart, there is another machine called Echo which detects such, so I asked why they did not do it,” he added.

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cyprian kizito lwanga biography
Based on a postmortem report by Mulago national referral hospital, Archbishop Dr Cyprian Kizito Lwanga succumbed to ischemic heart disease.

The President, however, praised the deceased for being a distinguished individual and church leader who needed a national send-off.

“I ordered this official mourning for our brother the late Lwanga because he has been an Archbishop yet we do not have many of those. They are only four for the catholic church; North (Archbishop John Baptist Odama, East (Emmanuel Obbo), West (Lambert Bainomugisha) and Kampala where Lwanga has been,” Museveni revealed.

“There are many members who fall in those archbishop structures, as part of building your national culture it is not only to honour the political and traditional leaders, of course not all church leaders are national leaders but an archbishop is one.”