petrol bombs attack at government vehicles
Police arrested a boda boda cyclist in connection to petrol bombs attack on government vehicles in Kampala. FILE PHOTO

Police arrested a boda boda cyclist in connection to petrol bombs attack at government vehicles in Kampala.

The Uganda Police have arrested one person on charges of spearheading hurling of petrol bombs at government vehicles in Kampala.

One person out of the five suspected to have aimed petrol bombs at government vehicles in Kampala last week has been arrested. 

The victim, a boda boda cyclist whose identity is yet to be known was withheld by police from Nansana municipality in Wakiso district on Sunday night with support from the CCTV footage.

Last week, police released a statement indicating that it was searching for a total of five people on cases of attacking and damaging government vehicles while using their motorcycles. 

The police, in particular, mentioned then that the criminals are using improvised petrol bombs which they hurl in the vehicles and metallic objects to hit on the windscreens.

The police who highlighted areas of Katwe, Nateete and Busega being the epitome centres of these incidents also said that the criminals are intended on the enticing government to stop health guidelines against transporting of passengers by bodaboda riders that the government put in place to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

However, in the wake of events, the police have confirmed it has now arrested one individual on the above-mentioned charges.

The suspect, a boda boda rider around Ham Towers in Kampala was traced and arrested by security teams in Nansana Wakiso district on Sunday following a joint security search operation.

According to the Kampala Metropolitan spokesperson, Patrick Onyango, the victim has since been transferred to Katwe police station for further management as the search for the remaining four suspects commences.

“He has admitted that he is the one in the picture we released over the weekend to the media. We are still looking for other suspected criminals who have been involved in these criminal acts,” Onyango said.

Criminals Attacking and Damaging Government Vehicles
POLICE: We suspect that the criminal intends to force the government to stop health guidelines against carrying of passengers by bodaboda. CCTV IMAGES/POLICE

In the footage, one of the suspects was seen riding a motorcycle -registration number UEU 391F while hurling the petrol bomb on a government vehicle registration number UG 0450T on June 23, 2020. The occupants survived unhurt in Nateete as Mr Onyango explained.

For the second attack, the suspects politely asked the driver of motor vehicle registration number UG 0182H to stop for them to cross. When the driver stopped, they pulled out a hammer and hit his windscreen. 

The suspects were unable to execute their mission and fled the scene after their hammer fell inside the vehicle in Katwe.

Lastly, the third attack occurred at Busega-Mityana roundabout where the same group aimed flammable liquid in a bottle at a government vehicle registration number UG 0199K on June 26, 2020. The explosive burst into flames on the co-driver’s side but members of the public managed to put-off the fire.