Aziz Azion breakthrough hit
Who is Aziz Azion?

Who is Aziz Azion? Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, Age, music, wife, house, family, early life and education of Aziz Mukasa.

Aziz Azion is a Ugandan RnB singer, songwriter and a musician who made it to the top of the music industry in 2008 after releasing his first single titled Nkumila omukwano.  

Aziz is known as the guitar emperor and he has been graced by the Uganda and East African music charts with songs such as Yegwe, Nkumila omukwano, Nakupenda, Nzikiriza, Painkiller and many more hits. 

The RnB singer was the CEO of a music label called West End which he had opened up to promote young artists and his music.

Azion is also known for his soft silky voice that is loved by ladies and no wonder most of his fans are ladies.

Early life and education 

Aziz Azion birth name Aziz Mukasa was born in March 1983 in Fort portal in Kabarole district. Mukasa was raised in Kampala and he managed to study up to senior 4 and he made a move to join the music industry. 

He says he didn’t get a chance to continue with his studies because of financial issues.

Music career

After his senior four Aziz Azion joined the music industry and started his music journey in a kadongo Kamu group called Makuye in 1999. Aziz says he is a person who is interested in learning new ideas every day and that was the same case with the guitar. 

Aziz Azion came up with a style
Later Aziz Azion came up with a style called Baxx raga and he claims he is the king Baxx raga.

When he joined Makuge a guitarist called Kibirige saw how interested Aziz was in learning a guitar and he decided to teach him for free. Aziz says he loved the guitar because it looked different from these other instruments. 

Mukasa Aziz Azion joined the group of the late prince Job Kafeero called kulabako guitar singers a group where he spent one year and a half and then joined Kato Lubwama’s group called Diamond productions which were among the biggest music groups in the early 2000s. 

Aziz spent two years in the group and he then joined Eagles production which was a rival group to Diamond production. 

He spent a couple of months in the group and him and other band friends agreed to form a band that would play for musicians hence the formation of Jeckaki band.

Jeckaki became the official home for Aziz Azion and the band played for many Ugandan music artists including Jose chameleon and the band made its first international performance in 2005 while performing for Chameleon in the European tour. 

It also performed with Jose Chameleon in countries like Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Belgium and Finland. In 2007 Aziz released his first single with the band which was not a success. 

Aziz Azion guitar work has been heard in Ugandan songs such as Kanyimbe by Juliana, nyambura by Radio and Weasel, Njagala nga bwendi by Mesach SSemakula, Nice and lovely by Geoffrey Lutaaya and many more hits.

Azion says that while learning the guitar he was not taught chords and other terminologies but they just taught him how to cram the rhythm and that was it until he meant a gentleman from Afrigo band called Mattu who gave him a guitar book that taught him all the technicalities a guitar has.

Aziz Azion breakthrough hit came in 2008 and this hit song was called Nkumila Omukwano which was produced by Benon Mugumbya of Swangz Avenue

The sleepy-eyed Aziz says he woke up one morning sat on his verandah and began to play the guitar and he ended up coming up with the opening of Nkumila Omukwano and composing the song at large. 

On its release, Nkumila omukwano rocked the airwaves and reached all corners of this country however Aziz wasn’t in the country at the time he had travelled with the Jeckaki band to Japan for a musical tour where they spent months without returning to the country.

In 2009 Aziz released another blockbuster hit called Yegwe which was produced by paddy man by then he was still a Dream studio. 

The following year Aziz Azion released his first album called Wampisa and it also had other artists such as GNL, Juliana, Swangz Avenue, Rabadaba, Mariam Ndagire, pastor Bugembe and many more. 

In 2011 Aziz released his record album My Oxygen which enabled him to hold a successful concert at Kati Kati, calendar Rest Hotel and KK beach. The album included songs such as Baliwa and oxygen.

aziz azion biography
The RnB singer was the CEO of a music label called West End.

Later Aziz Azion came up with a style called Baxx raga and he claims he is the king Baxx raga. He collaborated with Sheeba Kalungi and they released a song in the same style called omulembe and he had songs such as Am bad and many more hits.


  • Wampisa
  • My oxygen 
  • Uganda the pearl of Africa 
  • Nkumila omukwano 
  • Music awards 
  • PAM awards, best RnB artiste, 2010, 2011


  • KORA awards, best song East Africa, 2016
  • Hipipo music awards, best video, 2019
  • Hipipo music awards, best afro beat song, 2016

Aziz Azion Songs

  • Nkumila omukwano, 2008
  • Yegwe, 2009
  •  Pain killer, 2010
  • Beera nange, 2011
  • Omulembe, 2016
  • Sweet wakati, 2011
  • Am bad, 2016
  • Birungo, 2017
  • Baliwa, 2017
  • Pesa sina, 2010
  • Your love, 2012
  • Nzikiriza, 2013
  • Musabe, 2012
  • Omukolo, 2013
  • Beautiful, 2011
  • Gwesonga, 2015
  • Sugar sugar, 2016
  • Winner, 2016
  • Sikyaterera, 2012
  • Collaborations
  • Omulembe ft sheeba kalungi
  • Nakupenda ft GNL
  • Like I do ft Daddy Andre
  • Love ft sheeba kalungi
  • Care ft tekno Diana
  • Wakikuba ft Dj shiru
  • Kacumbari ft Dokta Brian
Aziz Mukasa with wife showing baby bump
Azion is a family man and he married a beautiful lady called Namale Deborah alias Deby.


Aziz Azion is a family man and he married a beautiful lady called Namale Deborah alias Deby and they have three children together. 

Most of the people didn’t think that their relationship was going to be a success but they have proved everyone wrong.


Aziz Azion was involved in a verbal exchange with Eddy Kenzo claiming that he had helped him at the start of his career but he doesn’t recognize him and neither does he talk about him in the interviews. 

Aziz added that he had fed Kenzo and also helped him in the music promotion but to his surprise, Kenzo didn’t appreciate him.

After collaborating with Sheeba Kalungi in a title track called omulembe news started making rounds that the two had started chewing each other. 

It was said that Aziz Azion’s wife Deby had left the home in muyonyo and Sheeba was using this chance to hook up with Aziz. Both of them have never come out to refute the claims.